Living Green And The Perks It Can Certainly Bring You

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living ecofriendly and the conveniences

As energy costs continue to increase, more and more individuals are looking for ways to conserve
money by decreasing their energy usage. In a happy coincidence, doing so can also help the
environment by decreasing the amount of resources you use in your home. If you want to learn
more about great methods to lead a more eco friendly way of life and lower the strain on your
bank account, keep reading. new home inspection

One simple way to minimize the amount of energy that your house uses is by switching over to
more energy-efficient home appliances. When you are shopping for a new television, refrigerator,
dryer or other home appliance, keep an eye out for the "Energy Star" sticker. This particular label
signifies that the appliance has met certain requirements for energy efficiency set by the
government. By choosing Energy Star brands, you can make real reductions in your electricity

Asking for a home energy analysis can also be a good way to pinpoint places where you can cut
back. An energy auditor will go through your house and look for areas where you are losing
energy. They can help you keep track of exactly how much energy you use to do various things,
so that you can understand where you need to concentrate your efforts. The auditor can also
make recommendations on ways of reducing your energy use.

One thing you may not understand is that many of your electrical gadgets continue to use energy
even when they are not in use. Several of them also draw electricity when they are turned off!
This "phantom load" can add a considerable amount to your energy bill at the end of the month.
To get rid of this wasteful consumption, disconnect appliances when they are not in use. You can
also make use of a power strip with a switch that can be turned off so that you do not have to
unplug the appliances from the outlet.

If you can pay for the initial expense, producing your own electricity is the best way to free
yourself from the cost of paying for electricity from a utility company. More and more people are
setting up solar panels on their roofs and producing some or all of their own electricity. Depending
on your location, you may also be able to generate sufficient electricity that you can turn a profit
by selling some back to the utility company.

Another project that can save hard earned money over the long term is installing geothermal
heating and cooling in your house. While this can be costly at first and calls for a reasonable
amount of work, it will pay for itself in the long run. Geothermal heating and cooling uses the
stable temperature below ground as a heat source or heat sink. On sizzling days, the excess heat
from inside your house is dumped into the ground. Then, in the wintertime, this heat is drawn
back up to warm your home.

Soon after reading this article, it should be readily apparent just how many ways there are to go
green and reduce the amount of energy used in your household. Not only will you considerably
decrease your energy bills, but you will be living more lightly on the land. Take advantage of these

great pointers today and start living a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle right away.

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