Logoi- Undergraduate journal of Classics

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The Oxford & Cambridge
Undergraduate Journal
of classics
Executive Editor
Name: Konrad Suchodolski
Magdalene College, Cambridge, CB3 0AG
+44 7706 76837
Logoi is joint undergraduate journal of Classics for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
The following information will make you clear about the whole process and what the Logoi is
doing in the world of Journalism.
Please go through these Q/A section for the better understanding about LOGOI and its
When is Logoi published?
Logoi is published annually on the first Tuesday of April.
Can I submit?
Undergraduates everywhere may submit their work and recent graduates may submit work written as an undergraduate.
What can I submit?
You can submit university work of which you are particularly proud (insofar as your university allows it) and work written of your own
initiative. Your submission must relate to Classics (in general, Greaco-Roman culture from 776 BCE, the first Olympiad, until the First
Arab Siege of Constantinople, 674 CE).