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Let your portrait and Landscape photography Mauritius

One such photography based agency is Backlight that has earned good name for its creative
storytelling wedding photography services. The company is established since 2008 and is
offering world class services to people looking for portrait photography Mauritius. With the
goal of bringing the best, most passionate and creative wedding photographers and
videographers in the Indian Ocean, the company offers superb services to its clientele, giving
focused attention to their needs and putting the creativity at its best. The team of experts looks
into the unique style of fashion and fine-art influenced wedding photojournalism and follows
standard of quality and creativity to cater to their needs of clients.

Backlight has turned to be the best portrait photographer Mauritius in the region. The leading
artists, Billy Chan and Christopher Barry are always reading to come up with new and creative
documentary wedding ideas. There are many superb pieces of work that have published all
across the world, ranging from commercial billboards to wedding photography magazine.

If you are looking for best wedding photography with
creative storytelling through fine-art and journalism, Backlight is the best choice. The company
has earned expertise in documenting wedding, wherein telling stories is quite common, without
interfering too much with what exactly happened. When perceived from the eyes of experts,
wedding is not just a photo shoot, as they document the things that they see. Nor, do, they
believe in shooting 100% documentary and storytelling style either. Whether to switch on the
light or not, from which angle the light should enter to make the pictures the best is what
professionals are expert in. hence, they ultimately lead to superb clicks. So, whether you are
looking for wedding photography or landscape photography Mauritius, Backlight offers
dedicated services to its clients. Feel free to contact us at any time for wedding photography
and we will greet you with pleasure. We are sure you'll enjoy working with us and as
always, we appreciate our relationship with our clients. Please visit us http://www.backlight.mu/
The goal of Backlight Photography is to bring together the best, most passionate, and most creative
wedding photographers and videographers in the Indian Ocean to form a team focused on client service,
attention to detail, and creativity. With a unique style of fashion and fine-art influenced wedding
photojournalism, their high standards of quality and creativity, and their philosophy of putting clients
first, Backlight Photography has become one of the leaders in the Indian Ocean.

We invite all your enquiries with keen interest. For any other inquiry & booking, please feel free to
contact us : Mobile : (+230) 52 53 67 20 or (+230) 5 775 69 80 Office : (+230) 261 51 96 Email :