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If you've been struggling to lose weight and have tried several fat loss diets, you know there are
plenty of options for weight loss available.

Here's my question to you: Did you ever break down the types of diets available and then choose
based on a program that you'll actually like or can stick with?

The fact is many very different fat loss diets work. The reason people fail is usually not due to the
system. It's a failure to stick with the system. But the person can't be faulted because it could very
well be they chose the wrong system in the first place.

Weight loss is like driving to a destination. There are usually several ways to get somewhere -
both in mode of transportation and route. We all have our preferred mode and route. I like scenic
routes whereas someone might like the fastest route. Same with losing weight.

If you're like me and like the scenic route, perhaps weight loss programs designed for rapid weight
loss may not be for you.

Generally speaking, what type of fat loss diets are available?

A. Specific Food-Based Diets - 3 Types

Fat burning foods: These diets focus on eating certain foods to stimulate weight loss. The theory is
some foods stimulate hormones to store fat, other foods stimulate hormones to burn fat. This type
of diet shows you the foods that burn fat.

Low carb diets: You no doubt have heard of this type of food-based diet where you eat no or little
carbohydrates resulting in rapid fat loss.

Balanced diet: This is a diet that is more common knowledge than anything special - eat lots of
fruits and vegetables, less sugar and processed foods, lean protein, etc.

B. Exercise-Based Diets

Some fat loss diets focus on showing you exercises and workout regimens that are designed for
optimal fat loss. Many of these programs include a food or diet plan with it.

Some exercise programs target core muscles as a way to burn fat - especially surrounding the

C. Calorie Counting Diets

The concept behind calorie counting is to eat fewer calories than you burn.

Support Group Weight Loss Programs

Some weight loss programs are accompanied with support groups with weekly meetings. This can
be an effective emotional support to weight loss as well as a good motivator.

How to Choose Fat Loss Diets?

Be honest with yourself. If you hate exercise, don't think you'll suddenly love an exercise-based
program. If you love certain foods and a diet you're looking at requires you not eating it, perhaps
look at something else. Don't base your decision on the hyped promises of so many pounds lost in
a week or so many inches trimmed in a month.

Instead, choose fat loss diets that you can commit to. Remember, most work if you follow the
program in the long run. Have a mind toward choosing something you can realistically see as a
permanent lifestyle change.

Get informed before making your decision. Click here to discover more about eating for fat loss,
exercise for fat loss, and how to develop a system for consistent, long-term weight loss.

Learn more about easy weight loss diets here.

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