Lose That Belly Fat Fast

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Lose That Belly Fat Fast

When it comes for one to lose that belly fat and over all body fat it isn't an easy process or is
it? For some it is a never ending battle to shed those pounds and tighten up their body. There
are plenty of weight loss gimmicks that millions of people spend millions of dollars on to
achieve their weight loss goal or to tight up their loose belly. I have some old ancient secrets
that work fast and doesn't really cost anything. All you have to do is give a little time and
energy and your guaranteed to lose weight and lose belly fat.

There are two major points to look at when it comes to the battle of the bulge, one is
exercise, this is very important because you not only want to lose weight and lose belly fat
but you also want to feel healthy and strong in the process. Two, diet, this is very important
because what you eat and when you eat it determines how much calories you put in your
body and how much calories you burn out of your body. A lot of people think they can just
pop a pill and all their weight problems will go away, but it's not that easy. Some people think
that all they have to do is lose weight and their body will tighten up it doesn't work like that,
that's where exercise comes into play.

Here are the two processes broken down for you to follow and gain your weight loss
achievement and belly fat achievements. First, go to your local grocery store purchase plastic
garbage bags big enough to fit over your torso. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag and each
side of the bag so your head and both arms can fit in. Pull the bag over your head and stick
both arms out both sides and pull bag down and under stomach and tie a knot to trap air
inside. Now that you have the bag on put a shirt on over that to conserve as much heat as
possible. Now do leg lifts, sit ups, walk up and down steps or anything to get your blood
pumping and your body sweating, sit ups and crunches are a must. Stay active for at lest an
hour if you can, if not do it as long as you can. After you finish your workout only drink plenty
of water. Now it's time to hit the showers, when you go to take your shower take everything
off but the bag. Stand in the tub and cut or rip the bag off, if sweat doesn't pour down into the
tub your not doing something right. The purpose is to sweat out fat and also toxins within the
body. Start out for three days a week then increase gradually and try to drink just water if you

Diet is very important in weight and belly fat loss. One thing you should focus on is eating
baked foods instead of fried foods. Eat more vegetables and fruit instead of junk food. You
can do extra research on diets that you can eat at the right times of day to burn off calories
and certain foods that make your brain release fat burning hormones and these are the
proving techniques to lose weight and lose that belly fat!

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