Losing Weight Through Diet, Juicing, and Detoxification

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Getting Rid Of Excess Weight
By Following A
Detox Diet Program

besity can definitely have an adverse effect on a person's self-confidence and how he
interacts with people - I would know, I was suffered from obesity myself. I was already
O overweight during my college days, but began putting on a lot of pounds after
graduating. Work was demanding and stressful and back then food helped me cope. That time,
I preferred eating in fast food diners or bought takeaway food so as not to waste a lot of time.
Naturally, these poor food choices resulted to weight gain. Back then, I also felt too tired to work
out, and often used my free time to just stay home to relax.
When you're fat, people ogle at
you, sadly, for the wrong
reasons. I was ridiculed for my
weight often, and sometimes
the comments can be so
hurtful it ruins my day. One
day, I just had enough of all
the teasing, and I decided to
lose weight. It required a lot of
patience and wil -power to lose
weight, but I managed to do
so. It's been a year since I
started dieting and working out,
and I have lost a total of 80 lbs.
I tried several weight loss methods. Among the first ones I tried was a fad diet and herbal weight
loss pil s. True, I lost some weight from trying these out, then again, I did not feel better when I
was using them. I suffered through several adverse reactions such as high blood pressure and
insomnia. Also, I read that these methods are unhealthful when done for a long time, and they
are associated with a high incidence of weight yo-yoing.
Seeing that crash diets and slimming pil s don't work, I decided dieting and exercise would be
the way to go. I decreased my daily consumption by 500 to 1,000 calories which translated to
one or two pound weight loss each week. In addition to that, I consumed different vegetables
and fruits, especially those that had high fiber content. I also made it a habit to take in fresh
squeezed juices. There are plenty of juicing recipes on the Internet. There are also books

devoted entirely on juicing recipes you can buy. I made the effort to eat more home-prepared
meals rather than gorging on fast food takeaway. To increase my physical activity, I do
resistance training on two or more days of the week, and spend at least five hours per week for
aerobic exercise.
I also use do the master cleanse regimen every
now and then, and this is a detoxification regimen
which involves fasting and juicing. This program
involves having a tisane for breakfast, and six to
twelve glass of lemonade with cayenne pepper
and maple syrup taken at intervals for the rest
of the day. I perform the Master Cleanse 10
days at a time, at least two to three times a
year, with at least three to four months in between. I
feel reinvigorated each time I complete the Master Cleanse routine and manage to shed of
some pounds as well.