Love Is

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Love is
Use this creative teaching idea as an
introduction to a lesson on love or for Valentine's Day

* a large sheet of poster board or
newsprint (classified ads work best
for newsprint)
* See variations for other needed

As people walk in the door direct
them to a large sheet of poster
board or newsprint upon which
you have written the words "Love
is...." Ask the participants to finish
the sentence and write their
answers on the poster.

Have a competition between teams of
people to name as many things as
possible that are associated with love.
Based upon these lists have
participants form a definition of "true
Love." You could also make a list of
things on your own and play a game of
Some ideas: Heart, Kiss, Roses, Flirt,
God, Valentine, Red, cupid, Date,
Sacrifice, Marriage, Wedding,
honeymoon, ring, family

Break into small groups around the
room. Provide old magazines,
newspapers, and scissors. Instruct
groups to search for and cut out
anything that relates to love.
Examples might be pictures of loving
parents, friends, hugs, children, etc.
After 10 minutes, bring them back
together and let each group share
what they found. Discuss the
different examples of love. Ask the
youth how they would define love if
all they had were the clippings to
base their definition upon.

Discussion Ideas
* Ask how God would define
love. Point out that God's idea
of unconditional love or
sacrificial love is a rare trait
today, but one that is essential
to being a follower of Christ.

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