low carb recipes

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Low Carb Recipes for tastier meals

There are people who have to conduct a diet using meals containing prevailingly fast burning
carbohydrates. Most of them wil find it extremely boring, but with low carb recipes it is possible to
make a variety of tasty meals, which may vary from day to day. If a person is on any diet, there is a
great chance to run out of ideas what to cook for the next meal. However, this should be no reason to
quit if it works for you.

A good meal wil always substitute what you leave out with proteins. However, major ingredients of this
diet wil be low carbohydrate bread crumbs, cheese (except for cheddar), yogurt, nuts for their Omega 3
acids, which improves the bowel work and health generally. The tuna fish is also recommended with
various additions such as beans, whole-grain corns or tomato sauce. Brown rice and ham are also food
you can mix easily with others.

Every dieter knows it is hard to stick to low carb recipes but they can be imaginative. Combine cheese
snacks with pepperoni and you can pretend you have just had a pizza slice. You can even fry cheese and
pour hot chil i sauce over it for excellent taste, which wil not make you think you are dieting. Whole
wheat pasta instead of usual white one wil make excellent meal, sprinkled with cottage cheese. Combine
it for excellent lasagna.

For truly tasty meal, try low carb recipes such as mixing whole weat pasta, tomato sauce, a bit of
minced meat and sprinkle it with mozzarella. It is tasty, fil ing and even looks great. Eggplants are
excellent meal if dipped in egg whites and fried on olive oil. Al ow a bit of cheese, sesame and sauce over
it and enjoy. Meat such as turkey makes excellent rolls and stakes with fine herbs seasoning. Mix
ingredients and enjoy lots of salad and your diet wil no longer be a bore.