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The Luxury Watch of a Lifetime
Whether you’re looking for an appropriate gift to mark a retirement, anniversary,
graduation, or simply to recognize a personal milestone, the gift of a bespoke
timepiece is more than just another present. It’s an instant heirloom, meant to be
passed down to the next generation as a mark of its owner’s good taste and
sophistication, to be worn and treasured day after day, year after year. Finest
Watches carries the brands many only can dream of owning.
Both our mechanical movement and quartz timepieces are still made by the old
world, European craftsmen that made their names famous among collectors and
enthusiasts worldwide. We’re proud to offer our carefully curated selection now
online for valued customers from New York to Los Angeles.
New Arrivals
All our new watches come in
original packaging with
Patek Philippe Gondolo
Special Offers
All pre-owned &
collectors pieces are
guranteed authentic
Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa
Rare Complications
Check out the latest
additions to our inventory
Patek Philippe Minute
Repeater Perpetual
Calendar 5074R
Always in Style
Our technological prowess has skyrocketed ever since the
beginning of the 21st century. The gradual shift from analogue to
digital has touched many facets of our society, which in turn
allowed improvements and new capabilities.
Phone companies capitalized on these capabilities and as cellular technology increased,
phones with a display screen were able to tell time, thus lowering one’s requirement for a
watch. As years passed, technology advanced until companies developed their own
phones, tablets, and mp3 players to tell time. So, although one might think that the classic
analogue wristwatch is a thing of the past, it is actually here to stay.
Women and Watches
Watches today are bigger than they were decades ago, and this
doesn’t necessarily mean the watch case diameter, but the extent
of its thickness or thinness. Usually, these larger watches would
be seen on males rather females. However, women have been
sporting big faced watches more and more. Instead of feminine
timepieces, they opt for flashier and larger men’s watches.