Maintenance of USB Flash Drive

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Maintenance of USB Flash Drive

The Proper Use of USB

First, now many USB flash drives have LED indicators, dark and flashing of the indicator light
all reflect the different state of USB drive, in general, as long as there are lights on the USB
drive, you cannot plug the USB, this states the USB disk is in work, and if the drive is pulled
out at this time, metal usb flash drive will be damaged. Second, do not immediately close the
program after the back-up of documentation, because that time the indicator of USB flash
drive is still flashing, the program has not been completely finished yet, it will easily affect the
backup it the drive is pulled out at this time. Third, when the system prompts "do not stop",
you should not pull out the USB drive, because this can also cause data loss. Fourth, the U
disk usually has the read-write switch, and you can control the U disk in read-only or read-
write state by this switch. It is not correct for many users to directly switch in the process of
use. It not only cannot make the settings to take effect, but also brings some damages to the
U disk. The correct way is to unplug the U disk, followed by the state of the switch, and then
insert U disk, so that they can be used normally.

Simple Methods to Solve Some Simple Problems about USB Flash Drive

Sometimes there is no any reaction when we insert in wood usb flash drive, then you have to
be check in accordance with the following steps.

First we have to judge whether the U disk has been inserted correctly in the USB interface,
you can pull down the plug once again; then determine the version of your operating system,
to ensure the system is Win98SE or higher version; If you cannot solve the problem by the
above approach, it is recommended that make a test on another computer, if it still cannot
work, then it should be replaced. If the USB drive is installed properly, but it fails when it
reads and writes, then there may be some problems in USB drive. It can read, but cant not
write, this is mostly you only set read-only switch in the U disk, or the U-disk space is full, you
need to delete the part of the file in order to proceed; losing power or pulling out the drive
forcedly all may cause U disk cannot be used, then you need to re-format the U disk.
Although the formatting work can be done directly in the USB flash drive, but it sometimes
does not solve the problem, it is recommended to use the tool which belongs to USB flash
drive for formatting.

Importance of USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive plays more and more important role in our modern life, so we should take
more care of it, because it carry a large number of important information which are essential
for our work and life.

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