Maintenance Request Form

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Darnell Capital Management requires that all non-emergency maintenance requests be submitted
electronically. This will help track, dispatch and prioritize all maintenance requests.

Name: _____________________________________ Phone: ( ) _____________________

Property Address: ______________________________ Email Address: _________________________
Authorization to enter the unit in resident's absence (please enter YES or NO) ___________
Tenant waives right to a notice of entry (please enter YES or NO) _____________________

Maintenance Request:

Special Instructions:

By submitting this form you are authorizing management or service engineers to enter your residence and perform the above maintenance request in
accordance with the above instructions.

Emergency Contact
For any maintenance emergencies during normal business hours, please call the office at:
(619) 702-4790
For after-hours maintenance emergencies, please contact your on-site manager
Please do not fax or e-mail any maintenance emergencies.