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Make lots
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Make Lots of Bitcoins
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This eBook is to show how easy it is to make lots of
bitcoins without doing any hard work or even mining on
your own pc! I'm making around 6 to 15 BTC a day
from this method, and it will work for anyone that takes
the time to set it up. What you will be setting up is what I
call a "mining ring" and what it does is make other
computers mine bitcoins for you, so the more computers
you put your miner on the more bitcoins you will make! I
will be showing you step by step on how to set
everything up just follow along.

Make Lots of Bitcoins
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Things You Will Need

WinRAR- Download Here
A TripleMining Account- Signup Here
Youtube Account -Signup Here
Silent Bitcoin Miner Builder- Download Here

Make Lots of Bitcoins
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Step 1

Download WinRAR, UTorrent, and Silent Bitcoin Miner.
Install WinRAR and UTorrent, and leave the miner alone for
now. You also will need to sign up for a pool. I will be using a
Triple Mining Account.
After you are done registering for your account and logged
in click the "Account" tab. This is where you will find your
account info and how many bitcoins you are making and things
of that nature. You can also change your payout address,
account password and email address associated with your
account here. .

Make Lots of Bitcoins
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Now navigate to the "Workers Tab" now here is where
you will be setting up your worker information. On the
top left you will see where it says Add Worker. Think of
what you will like to call your worker and type it into
worker name. Next type in a password for your worker
and click add worker. REMEMBER OR WRITE DOWN

Make Lots of Bitcoins
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Now go to the stats tab this is where you will see your
Hash speed. "Pretty much showing how fast your
workers are mining.

Make Lots of Bitcoins
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Step 2

Ok, this step I will be showing you how to set up
your miner. A Silent bitcoin miner builder is a special
modified miner that builds silent undetectable miners for
you to spread and mine coins for you.
So now use winrar to unzip silent bitcoin miner to the

Make Lots of Bitcoins
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Open it up its going to ask you to enter your mining pool
look at the picture above and fill all your information in
and when it ask you Enable GPU Mining this just means
do you want to mine also using graphic card enter yes
and it will cpu and gpu mine. Gpu is faster than cpu. Now
press enter and it will build a miner for you to spread to
lots of computers. Now you probably are wondering how
I'm going to do that? Well head over to step 3 to see my
favorite methods of spreading my miner!

Step 3

Now it's time to spread your miner. Go to and upload/host your miner. Get a
link to download your miner.
Ok, now one of my spreading methods is YouTube. I
go to youtube and search for like card generators or any
video that has to do with downloading a file in the
description. I then download that video using YouTube
downloader to my computer and upload it to my account
Make Lots of Bitcoins
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on YouTube as if I made the video. Then in the
description you put something like: heres the link to
download (put your link from mediafire.) Now all you do
is let it sit people will this your miner is a program they
want and download it. If you got a good video with
something a lot of people want you will get lots of
downloads. Also you can go to
to make your YouTube video popular quick.
Another great way to spread is through torrents.
Upload your miner to a few torrents sites and name it a
different file that a lot of people want!

Im making 5-10 Bitcoins a day from this and get 2500
MH/s. This works perfectly if you spread right. If you
need more help send me a message at
[email protected]

Make Lots of Bitcoins
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