Making Sure your First Apartment Works for You

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Making Sure
your First
Works for You

Thats great. You are finally cutting apron
strings and moving to your first apartment. It
Cover your Utility Bills First........2
may not be ideal. First homes seldom are. But Keep to a Budget........................2
at least it will be home. With freedom comes Furnishing for the Future...........2
responsibility though, and this is why we Decorate Cost-Effectively...........3
provide these tips on how to make sure your
apartment works for you.

2 Cover your Utility Bills First
Work out how much your utilities (and deposits) are going
to cost on average and make sure you always pay these
amounts first. Suppliers of those services are as hard as
nails. Treat them with respect, or get cut off.
Keep to a Budget
It is so easy to go out and purchase oysters and champagne with your pay check after you
move to your first apartment. Oysters and Champagne are not banned, but remember bills
need to be paid, though. Rather have a budget and stick to it.
Furnishing for the Future
When buying furniture, bear in mind that you are unlikely to
stay in your new apartment forever. Try to choose tables and
chairs that you could use in other homes, as opposed to what
fits perfectly  into a smaller space right now.

Decorate Cost-Effectively
Make sure that the decorative touches that you add are
portable too. You should also buy cost effectively wherever
possible. For instance, a vase does not need to be Ming
China five hundred years old to hold a flower.
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