Male Drive Fails and What to Do About Them - Learning from “No”

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Male Drive Fails and What to Do About Them -
Learning from "No"
No guy likes ending up with a frustrated, sore male organ, as happens when that
male organ is primed and ready for action but finds itself unexpectedly turned
down and sent to the cold showers. Nevertheless, having a little patience in these
situations can help a guy learn a number of things that can aid him in the future.
While many of the issues concerning male organ health focus on the physical
health of the tool itself, the emotional development of a man also comes into play,
and learning patience and acceptance is a hallmark of such development, even
when it comes to the overwhelming nature of his male drive.
Yes, it's frustrating.
When a guy gets revved up and gets his engines racing, he has his mind set on a
certain goal - making it into bed with a perceived potential partner. In this state,
men tend to be very single-minded; sometimes this gets so extreme that the male
organ takes control away from the brain and all thought of anything other than
scoring (and preferably scoring big) gets tossed out the window.
But at the same time, humans are designed with a brain that functions on a higher
level than that of any other species; a man is more than a rutting animal, and he
needs to realize that there are emotional and social consequences related to his
sensual escapades. This dual responsibility - to answer to both the male drive and
the brain - creates a conflict that can be extremely frustrating for a man. Yet in the
long run, he can grow from this experience with patience and understanding.
Go on from "no."
Looking at a situation where a man and his partner have gotten to a situation where
sensual activity is a likely prospect, what can a man learn when his partner
suddenly turns the tables and says she is no longer interested in progressing to that
What brought about the "no?"
Misinterpretation. This is very important. Did the man misread the signals
and assume there was significantly more interest on her part than there

actually was? A reality check here can help a guy learn from his mistake and
keep this scenario from recurring.
Something he said/did. Perhaps there was a moment when an action or
word from the man triggered this change of heart. Sometimes this can be
easy to spot: a guy may express a certain opinion, talk "dirty" or place his
hands or body in a particular position and can feel the fire from his partner
turn suddenly to ice. Other times, it may be less obvious: if that is the case, a
guy should try to find out what happened - but to do so in a non-
confrontational manner: "You know, I thought things were going fine. Can
you tell me if I said or did something that made you feel differently toward
Something outside of his control. And sometimes a woman can change her
mind for reasons that are beyond a man's power to change. There can be
many reasons for this: she may be inexperienced, conflicted, unsure, etc.
Perhaps she just wants to move at a slower rate than the man, but may only
have come to this decision in the heat of the moment. Or she just may have
received a signal that she herself doesn't fully understand which says that
this is not how she wants to proceed right now. This last situation can be the
most frustrating, but a smart man should respect this; he knows that not
everything that happens is a reflection or comment on him or his sensuality.
Left alone with his hard, sore male organ, a man nevertheless can gain personal
growth and development from the experience. Aside from learning to cool his male
drive, part of having a sensible attitude toward his member is maintaining a regular
manhood health regimen; using a first rate male organ vitamin cream (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is essential here. The appropriate
cream will include a high end emollient like shea butter to aid male organ skin
rejuvenation. Also essential in any good cream: neuroprotective ingredients such as
acetyl L carnitine, to deal with the peripheral nerve damage that many active male
organs encounter.