Manage Your Enterprise Data Better with Unified Storage

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Manage Your Enterprise Data Better with Unified Storage
Unified storage provides the scope and opportunity to deliver high-end benefits to the SMB's that are looking for
various ways to manage multiple data storage challenges.
Unified storage systems assists in operating block-based input/output and resulting in data storage. In most cases,
it is deployed as a NAS platform modified to include block-mode assistance. The modern day unified storage
solutions reduced the hardware requirements of an organization. Instead of diverse storage, platforms for instance
RAID disk array for block-based storage and NAS for unified storage, file-based storage, collates both modes in one
device. Likewise the single device can be deployed either for file or block storage as needed.
Benefits of Unified Storage Systems
Innovative unified storage system offers a host of benefits to the customers. They are as follows:-
The existing storage resources are better utilized. By collecting the present storage assets in a common
storage, enterprises need not have to witness a common outcome of one application having too much
storage capability and the other very less. Also, because the unified storage system supports both file and
block storage environments, enterprises can eradicate storage silos that happen when file or block only
storage systems are implemented.
There is non-disruptive data migration. Any innovative unified storage system must have its own
migration software that helps in the migration of a file, block information with very less, or zero
disruption attached to the file system, operating system or application.
There is a standardized approach to storage management.
Leading market players in unified storage systems have also introduced personalize recovery, back up solutions
and unified storage that enables the enterprises to bring down the back up expenses, improve the protection and
simplify the data recovery.
In addition to this, there is the Deduplication storage system that assists in lowering the amount of disk storage
that is required to manage and secure any enterprise information. As the outmoded files and data are
acknowledged as they are stored, the unified storage provides a storage footprint that is approximately 10x - 30x
small if you compare it to the original dataset. All back up data is retrieved and replicated effectively.
At the same time, many OEM manufacturers have also come up with storage consolidation solutions using the
latest path breaking technologies. They are set up to increase storage assets, improve efficiencies, and carry on
operations with the present infrastructure and provide elasticity to influence future technologies.
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