Managing and Motivating the Next Generation

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For Human Resource Professionals
Live Webinar on
Managing and Motivating the Next Generation
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
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Duration: 60 Minutes
Location: Online
Instructor: Shira Harrington
The newest entrants to the workforce over the last 10 years, the Millennials (aka Generation Y)
have made a profound impact on the way organizations strategize about employee engagement.
Challenging our thinking around traditional concepts of loyalty, work ethic, communication,
technology, and work-life balance, clearly the tools for engaging this next generation reside in a
toolkit far different than the previous two generations.

How is your organization adapting to the high expectations of this generation? Are you resisting or
flexing? Do you understand the implications for workforce planning? How are 'old' cultural and
procedural mindsets affecting your ability to motivate and retain this critical mass of employees?

Areas covered in the session:
Identify workplace cultural norms for the four generations: Veterans, Baby Boomers,
Generation X and Millennials
Understand the need for workforce planning based on demographics, attrition and Boomer
Gain practical insights into engaging the Millennial generation with particular emphasis on
communication, work-life balance, technology and performance management issues
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About Speaker

Shira Harrington
HR Professionals
Founder & President, Purposeful Hire inc
Hiring Managers
Shira Harrington Since 1994, Shira Harrington has
Department Managers
specialized in helping employers and job seekers
Department Heads
discover their mutual purpose. With a focus on
executive recruiting, interview training and career
consulting, Shira provides the bridge to secure the
optimal long-term match between both sides. ...more
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