Managing Conflict at Work Training Course

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Workplaces are full of conflict. Conflict occurs between team members, between those of
different teams and departments, between management and lower level staff and between

the front-line and the external environment - the client/customer. This one-day event tackles
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conflict and provides attendees with a toolbox of skills for reducing, managing and
are facilitated by experienced
negotiating conflict.

cross-cultural organisational
psychologists who hold

registration with professional
bodies in Australia or the UK,
Who is this course for?
as well as locally in Hong
The course has been designed to be applicable to any level of employee within an
organization and, in fact, the more that different levels are represented, the more dynamic
Kong and/or Singapore.
and interesting the explorations and discussions become. That said, we can customize the

course as necessary to be more meaningful to a particular group. For example, previous
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clients have been interested in only training their executives. Armed with an understanding

of what these people do via the initial organizational meeting, we can ensure that our
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facilitators cover the most pertinent and salient issues specific to any group.
change and promotional

periods, so please consult our
Aims & Objectives
website for up-to-date fee
At the end of the course, delegates will have a fuller understanding of what conflict is, their
conflict style and conflict management style as well as those of others. They will be able to

effectively prepare for negotiation and use their communication skills to reduce conflict and
misunderstanding in the workplace. The above is achieved by way of presentations, written
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exercises and practical small group exercises facilitated by experienced organizational

PsyAsia’s public courses run

throughout the year at
intervals subject to demand in
In-house courses may be one full day or two half-days. When run as a public course, the
Hong Kong and Singapore.
Managing Conflict at Work course fills one day.
Please check our website's

training pages for current
A full outline of the course content is provided overleaf. Participants all receive a detailed
course manual/workbook that enables them to keep a permanent record of the course and
exercises. This is used for follow-up action plans and subsequent reviews. Furthermore, a
pre-course online psychometric assessment facilitates confidential personal exploration and

meaning during the course.
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What our delegates

Full Course Content
Useful for both work and private
• Defining conflict
Pres. Director, PT ING Securities
• Types of conflict
Good for understanding yourself

and current issues.
Open conflict vs. hidden conflict
LeeTran Cheung, AM, HR
ING Bank
• Good and bad conflict
Worth attending if the skills and
strategies are put to practice.
• Reasons why conflict occurs
Ong Lily, Head FM Middle Office Asia
ING Bank

• Stages of conflict
An excellent refresher with well
conceived and useful practical

Conflict Resolution Style Questionnaire
Toh Siew Choo, VP, HR
ING Bank N.V. Singapore Branch

The role of communication in conflict resolution
Good balance of theory and

Choy Mei Kuen, VP Regional Finance
Active listening
INFG Singapore
• Paraphrasing
Puts the relevant skills into my
hands to apply in ING.
Daniel Tong, VP Information Protection and
• Powerful questions
Business Continuity Management
ING Bank N.V. Singapore Branch
• Body language
This course gives me useful tips
and insights into managing

Seven steps to ironing things out
Joan Lee, Manager
ING Bank N.V.
• The conflict/opportunity test

It is useful, especially for
headstrong people who is bad in
• Johari windows in conflict
managing conflicts.
ING Bank
• Aiming for win-win
Interesting subject. Pre-course

exercise was helpful to know
Conflict and its resolution
myself better.
Vice president
• Action plan for the future
ING Bank
The pace and practical exercise is
excellent, especially the role play
ING Bank
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