Manufacturer of Custom Silicone Wristbands

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Manufacturer of Custom Silicone Wristbands
Silicone wristbands are very popular that these can even reach the poorest of the
poor. But have you ever wondered how and where it originates? It was first introduced
by Lance Armstrong to create cancer awareness.
There is a wide range of silicone custom wristbands available in the market to choose
from a number of manufacturers. These custom made wristbands serve your purposes
most effectively and affordably. You can find below types of customized wrist bands
suitable to your needs.
Debossed - In this debossed type a design is engraved into the wristband. The letters
on the band are sunk into the silicone. It could be from simple design to your complex
company logos.
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Embossed - In this type of wrist bands a design stands out of its surface like a text or
picture. The text or letters on the band are raised out similar to that of those on a credit
Silk Screened - These are the ones with high quality colored print on them, which
makes them very shiny and attractive.
Vinyl - These are made of different layers of vinyl, bonded together. The outer layer
has strong colors, the middle layer is for the toughness, and the inner layer is a
smooth soft vinyl for comfort on the skin.
Swirled, Segmented and Glow in Dark are few other varieties of wrist bands.
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Unique Custom Wristbands
Their multiple usages
Wristbands are used to celebrate special events like a party favor or grab bag treat
and to quickly identify participants in a particular event. Moreover you can use them as
keepsakes for marking a graduation, retirement, birthday or other special occasions.
Custom silicone wristbands are an inexpensive yet incredibly effective promotional
item used by elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, colleges and
universities, small businesses, non-profit organizations, large corporations. You can
also find sports wrist bands; which are soft, stretchy and comfortable to keep the
sweat off of the player's hands.
Things to consider before placing an order
Before ordering these custom wristbands from a company online, you need to know
whether the company is able to match the exact color of your company or foundation.

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