Many Types of Portrait Paintings

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The Many Types of
Portrait Paintings
21st century portrait artists and the portrait
paintings uses different types of materials
Contemporary Portrait
paintings show people in a
erratic way and less human-
like way. A traditional
contemporary paintings uses
oil paints.
Some of the ways you can have
pictures of yourself, your loved
ones, or famous people done by
an artist:
The contemporary type of art.
The colors are not
realistic. Like painting
your face pink, or your
body blue. To show
your emotions or even
your characteristics.

The famous people pictures.
Painting a picture of you
with something that you
are famous for in the
background, or wearing
the clothes what people
usually seen you on it.
Like celebrities almost
always painted in the
outfit that they are known
to wear or background
that shows why they are
The traditional,
oil paint type of artwork.
A very realistic work. This
type of painting started
since 1300s.
The photography type of
You can have the picture
done in black and white
for a more dramatic
affect or in color for a
real look. Like what they
usually put in the
To make sure your picture or your
painting will come out perfectly, hire
a professional artist. And be sure
what type of art that reflects your
taste and what you would like to be
remembered for.
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