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Map my India
MapmyIndia A lot of times you must have sat behind the wheel of your car and wondered how
to find the route GPS (Global Positioning System) car navigation systems can show and even tell
you how to get to any destination. These products use the GPS, which relies on a host of
satellites to determine where you are.
Map my India is an award winning GPS navigation system loaded with Indias best maps,
satellite-based voice guided navigation, and complete in-car entertainment and connectivity
features - will make your travel safe, convenient, smart and fun! This GPS car navigator gives
you unparallel length and breadth coverage across India. So you reach your destination
confidently, while others still get lost! Map my India GPS car navigation system has been built
over the last 15 years, and has been successfully validated by over 500 of our enterprise
customers and lakhs of individual consumers.
Map my India includes locations of airports and other transportation services, ATMs and banks,
restaurants, hotels and a host of other sites. As pioneers in this space, the founders of Map my
, wanted people to have access to the geo-spatial data available with the company and
hence in the winter of 2004, they launched a free maps and direction portal. In 2007, they
launched a navigation device - with All India Maps. Maps my India has not only one but quite a
few awards to its name making it the most trust worthy product of the category.