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Marie's Eye Lift to Look Younger at
Harley Street Skin Clinic
Eyelid reduction (“blepharoplasty”) is a common aesthetic procedure for men and women who
have developed eye bags or saggy upper lids, sometimes both, as they age. This delicate
operation removes the excess crepy or loose eyelid skin and bulging fat around the eyes to
create a more radiant and youthful appearance. It can also improve the visual field. The
operation can be performed for the upper and lower eyelids under local or general anaesthetic.
Standard Blepharoplasty
During the operation, Mr Beigi will make cuts around the natural lines of your eyelid and
remove the excess damaged skin and sculpt the fat pad of the eyelid to reduce baggy under
eyelids. Upper eyelid surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia. However, lower
eyelid blepharoplasties and combined upper and lower lid blepharoplasty are usually
performed under general anaesthesia.
Extended Blepharoplasty
During standard eyelid operations, other necessary adjustments might be made such as:
internal lifting of the eyebrow, upper part of the cheek and lifting of the corners of the eyelid,
with or without tightening them. Naturally this operation is more extensive and time
How Many Treatments Will You Need?
This is a one-off procedure, with approximately two weeks recovery time although this
depends upon how you heal.
Results:The procedure can improve the visual field and open the eyes up creating a more
radiant and youthful appearance.
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