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Use Handcrafted Home Furnishings For
Beautifying Your Home
Handcrafted embroidered cushion covers have emerged as a new trendsetter in modern home
furnishing. They cover sofas, chairs, couches and outdoor lounges with their contemporary and
traditional designs that add beauty to your interior decor. These cushion covers are not just some piece
of cloth, they are art. Indian craftsmen have always been known for their superior craftsmanship when it
comes to handicraft and embroidery. Now the world wants these pieces of arts to decorate their home.
The Indian embroidery make its glowing display in the cushion covers. Exotic thread works are woven
into mesmerizing tapestries from ethnic to contemporary. The beautiful handcrafted works m ake for
covetous home furnishings. The com mon fabrics used are silk, cotton, jute, rayon, polyester, organza,
velvet and more. The shapes vary from typical squares and rectangles to circles, ovals and polygons.
Images of gods and goddesses, animals, birds, flowers, leaves and human beings are embroidered.
Inspirations from epics, mythologies and court scenes are encapsulated into impressive designs. Various
geometric patterns are also crafted on the covers. The panorama of everyday life is also painted with
the needles and threads on the fabrics.
MariGold Style is a true reflection of Indian craftsmanship. India has a rich cultural history that has been
influenced by visitors (both ag gressive and friendly) that it has received from time to time. The
craftsmanship, that has its roots dating back to 5000 years, has been influenced by Muslims, Syrian
Christians, British, Portuguese, Jews, French and the hippies of 1960s over time. The cultural impact left
by these guests can be clearly seen in the modern day craftsmanship. This craftsmanship was on a rapid
decline after Indian Independence in 1947 due to lack of patronage from feudal lords and local kings. It
somehow survived and was revived by the growing Indian middle class in the 1980s.
The cushion covers with beautiful 'chikan embroideries' and 'phulkaris' add a touch of elegance and
sophistry where accessorized. Block printed cushion draperies make for resplendent decorations of the
cushions and the sofas. The 'kantha embroideries' marked by a series of flat run stitches are widely
practiced in cushion covers. The covers also come in beautiful 'appliqué embroideries'. Multiple pieces
of colored fabrics are stitched over one another forming decorative patterns. They are then embellished
with various metal pieces, beads, mirrors, sequins, cowries, tassels and various other decorative items.
If you are looking for Indian handcrafted cushion covers or other handicraft goods, you can visit
MariGold Style. They have a wide selection of premium handcrafted and embroidered home furnishings,
fashion accessories and paper goods made by craftspeople in India. Their designs are impressions from
rich Indian cultural and reflects the heritage and legacy of craftsmanship in India. They have wide
varieties of bed linen, cushion covers, curtains, bags, scarves and wraps.