Marketing Automation

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Why automate?
The benefits of business automation are immense.
There is optimization that is needed to retain and
attract clients or the business will lose out to
competitors. Conversions in your business could be
going down and you might be seeking ways to
increase them. Through this channel, it will be
possible to boost sales through higher conversions.
The mantra here is: automate or perish.
We all know how expensive it is to market
your business in the print and electronic
media. Most businesses set aside a huge
part of their budget for marketing. If you
are a small business, then marketing cost
will eat up much of the revenue.
Marketing automation would greatly help
to cut the cost of marketing significantly.
Both the short-term and the long-term sales issues of
your business could be addressed through the
adoption of business and marketing automation
software. We have taken a lead in this innovation
through the following:
Getting leads - Our software will prove to be a huge
assistance to sales and marketing professionals.
Most of the sales professionals today rely heavily on
leads to make a sale. With a lead management
system, you will have a detailed lead management
system to help you market and sell product or
Engaging a customer and retaining them for an up sell rate is not easy.
Marketing automation software will help you increase this up sell rate through
a qualified lead nurturing process. Most business fail on this part of lead
nurturing, but the “money is in the follow-up”. Most sales happen between
the 5th and 8th email, but most companies stop contacting prospects after 2-
3 emails. With business process and marketing automation, you can be sure
that you are reaching your prospects during the “money period” – and
ensuring that you are in f ront of them when itis thei r time to buy.
Scoring - This is an aspect of business whereby one employs
metrics to get some and prospects. Companies which have
already automated utilize this feature all t he time to their