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Martial Arts Books
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Burmese Martial Arts
Chinese Martial Arts
Combat Submission Wrestling
Fencing/European Martial Arts
Filipino Martial Arts
Japanese Martial Arts
Jeet Kune Do/Bruce Lee
Judo/Japanese Jiu-Jitsu
Korean Martial Arts
Martial Arts Literature
Miscellaneous Grappling Arts
Miscellaneous Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts
Southeast Asian Martial Arts
Tai Chi/Qigong
Thai Martial Arts
Wing Chun


Martial Arts Books
The Spirit of Aikido. Ueshiba, K. (1988).
Aikido and the New Warrior. Heckler, R. S. (1985).
Aikido The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting. Unknown. (Unknown).
Hidden Roots of Aikido. Omiya, S. (1999).
The Art of Aikido (Ueshiba).
Traditional Aikido Vol. 1 - Basic Techniques. Saito, M. (1973).
Traditional Aikido Vol. 2 - Advanced Techniques. Saito, M. (1973).
Traditional Aikido Vol. 3 - Applied Techniques. Saito, M. (1974).
Traditional Aikido Vol. 4 - Vital Techniques. Saito. M. (1974).
Traditional Aikido Vol. 5 - Training Works Wonders. Saito, M. (1976).

A Handy Illustrated Guide To Boxing. Nisenson, S. (1949).
A Treatise Upon The Useful Science Of Defence. Godfrey, J. (1747).
Art and Practice of English Boxing, The. A Celebrated Pugilist. (1807).
Art and Practice of English Boxing, The. A Celebrated Pugilist. (1819). .
Art and Science of Fencing. Evangelista, N. (1999).
Art of Boxing a nd Science of Self-Defense. Edwards, Billy. 1888.
Art of Boxing and Self-Defense. Lee, W.F.
Art of Boxing, The. Carpentier, George. (1926).
Art of Boxing, The. Wilde, J. (1923)
Art of Boxing. Carpentier, The. George. (1926).
Art of Sparring And Boxing: The Noble Art Of Self-Defense Without A Teacher, The.
Johnson Smith & Company. (1935).
Bibliography of Boxing: A Chronological Check List of Books in English published before 1900.
Boxing (Spalding Athletic Library). Elmer, Prof. William. (1902).
Boxing for Beginners Jacomb, W.J. (1918)
Boxing for Beginners. Fitzgerald, J. (1980).
Boxing Is for Me (Sports for Me Books). Thomas, A. (1981).
Boxing Made Easy or the Complete Manual of Self-Defence, Clearly Explained. By a Pupil of
Mendoza a nd Humphrey. 1870.
Boxing Manual. Brown, J. (2000).
Boxing Mastery : Advanced Technique, Tactics, and Strategies. Hatmaker, M. & Werner, D.
Boxing Medical Aspects.


Martial Arts Books
Boxing Simplified. Walsh, J. J. (1951).
Boxing Simplified. Kennedy, C. E. (1929).
Boxing Reviewed, or the Science of Manual Defence. Fewtrell, Thomas. (1790). .
Boxing Without a Master or the Scientific Art and practice of Attack and Self-Defence. Swift, Owen.
Boxing: A Guide to the Manly Art of Self Defense. Spalding Athletic Library 25B. 1926
Boxing: A Guide to Modern Methods. Knebworth, E.A. & Lytton, J. (1931).
Boxing. A Pratical Treatise on The Art of Self-Defense. Trotter, J.C. (1900).
Boxing. Allanson-Winn, R. G. 1893. Hardcover
Boxing. Haislet, E. (1940).
Boxing. Haislet, E. (1982). reprint of 1940 ed..
Boxing. Longhurst, Percy. (1928).
Boxing. Mitchell, E.B. (1889).
Boxing: Complete Illustrated Instructions in the Art of Self-Defense. Spalding Athletic Library.
Boxing: French treaty of the English rules. Leclerc, C. E. (1899).
British Manly Exercises. Walker, D. (1837).
Championship Fighting, Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense. Dempsey, J. (1950).
Classical Pugilism and Bare-Knuckle Boxing Companion, The, Vol.1 . Shannon, J. (2005).
Classical Pugilism and Bare-Knuckle Boxing Companion, The, Vol.2. Shannon, J. (2005).
Complete Guide to Boxing and Gymnastics Without a Teacher. Climbing, Leaping, Balancing,
Swimming, Parallel-Bars, Vaulting. Donelly, N. (1879).
Complete Instructor In Boxing, Swimming, Gymnastics, Pedestrianism, Horse Racing, Prize
Fighting, Boat Racing And Other Sports (chapter on boxing). (1881).
Cope Bros. & Co., Ltd. Cigarette Cards. (ca 1934-1938).
Davies Cigarette Cards. (ca. 1922-1924). :
Defensive Exercises. Walker, D. (1840). ed Hurley, J. W. (2004).
Ethics of Boxing and Manly Sport. O’Reilly, J. B (1888).
Fireside Book of Boxing. Heinz, W. C. (1961).
Fundamentals of Boxing. Ross, B. (1942).
Hitting and Stopping. Wilde, J. (1914).
How To Box To Win How To Build Muscle, How To Breathe, Stand, Walk, Or Run, How To Punch
The Bag A Book Of Health And Strength. Mcgovern, John Terence. 1920.
How to Box. Louis, J. & Mallory, E. J. (ed.) (1948). .
Il Metodo di Boxing Inglese ed Americano. author unk. (date unk.). in Italian.
Life and Battles of Jack Johnson. Fox, R. K. (19090).
Manual of Boxing. Benedict. (1881 & 1883)


Martial Arts Books
Modern Scientific Boxing. Welsh, F. (1920?)
On Boxing. Oates, J. C. (1995).
Out-Fighting or Long-Range Boxing: The Deluxe Edition. Driscoll, Jim (1914)
Ringcraft. Driscoll, J. (1916?)
Rocky’s Boxing Book: Teaching the Manly Art of Self-Defense. Graziano, R. (1979).
Science of Self-Defense, The.Price, E. (1867).
Scientific Blocking and Hitting and Other Methods of Defense. Fleischer, N. (1935).
Scientific Boxing. Corbett, J. (1912).
Scientific Boxing: Diet, Fight Training, Scientific Boxing, K.O. Punching (1941).
Self-Defense or the Art of Boxing. Donnelly, N. (1879). ed. Hurley, J. W (2004).
Small and Back Sword. (chapter on boxing). Godfrey, J.. (1747).
Teacher of Sparring. Shaw, E. (1886)
Text-book of Boxing. Driscoll, J. (1921).
The Complete Book of Boxing For Fighters And Fight Fans. Coke, C. & Kayser, H. (1980).
The International Boxing Hall of Fame's Basic Boxing Skills. Patterson, F. & Sugar, B. R. (1974).
The Speed Bag Bible. Kahn, A. (1994).
The Straight Left and How to Cultivate It: The Deluxe Edition. Driscoll, Jim. (19 )
Theory and Practice of Boxing. Austen, A. (1890). .
Training for Boxers. Fleischer, N. (1937).
Ultimate Boxer, The. Halbert, C. (2003).
Western Boxing & World Wrestling. Gilbey, J. F. (1993).
Workouts from Boxing’s Greatest Champs. Todd, G. (2005).

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt Techniques (Machado).
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Experts Only (Gracie).
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master Text (Simco).
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Techniques (Gracie).
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique Archive. (2005).
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Theory & Technique. Gracie, R. & Gracie, R. (2001).
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Submission Grappling Techniques. Gracie, R. & Peligro, K. (2003).
Essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Machado, R. (2002).
Grappling Gameplan Workbook (Irvin).
Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed. Bravo, E. (2006)
L' Essentiel Du Jiu-Jitsu Bresilien (Derval).


Martial Arts Books
Mastering Jiu-Jitsu. Gracie, R. & Danaher, (2003).
Mastering the Rubber Guard (2006). Bravo, E.
Mastering the Twister (Bravo).
The Essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Machado, R. (2002).

Burmese Martial Arts
Bando Discipline: The Boar System. Gyi, M. & Scherban, D. (1983).
Bando: Philosophy, Principles, and Practice. Gyi, M. (2000).
Bando: Selected Readings. Winborne, D., ed. (1999).
Burmese Bando Boxing. Gyi, M. (1978).
Burmese Bando. New Jersey Bando Club. (date unk.)
Traditional Burmese Boxing : Ancient and Modern Methods from Burma's Training Camp. Rebac,
Z. (2003).

Capoeira: A Brazilian Art Form. Almeida, B.
Capoeira: Roots of the Dance-Fight-Game. Capoeira, N.
Capoiera 100. Taylor, G. (2006).
The Little Capoeira Book (Capoeira). &

Chinese Martial Arts
Advanced Kenpo Karate. Will, J. T. (1980).
Baguazhang Vol. 1 (Montaigue).
Baguazhang Vol. 2 (Montaigue).
Baguazhang. Liang, Y. (1994)
Chinese Boxing: Master and Methods. Smith, R. W. (1974).
Chinese Praying mantis Boxing. Yeow, L. Y. (1973).
Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu. Fong, L. T. (1972).
Combat Techniques of Taiji, Xingyu and Bagua (Shengli).
Drunken Monkey Kung Fu. Ting, L. (1988).
Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen (Wing).
Hop Gar Kung Fu. Chan, D. & Staples, M. (1976).
Hsing-I Chinese Kung Fu, Vol. I Tackett, T. (1979).
Hsing-I Chinese Kung Fu, Vol. II: Combat. Tackett, T. (1983).
Hsing-I Chinese Mind-Body Boxing. Smith, R. W. (1974).
Hung gar Kung Fu. Kong, B. & Ho, E. H. (1973).


Martial Arts Books
Internal Gung-Fu. Montaigue, E. (1995)
Iron Palm Open Hand Fighting. Fong, L. (1979)
Kenpo Belt Requirements (unknown).
Kung Fu Advanced Staff Fighting Techniques. Mark, T. (1975).
Kung Fu Theory and Practice. Crompton, P. (1975).
Kung Fu: The Way of Life. Wong, D. L. (1976).
Monkey Style. Chinese Kung Fu Series I. (1982).
Pa Kua Chang. Ying-Arn Lee, J. (1973).
Pa-Kua: Chinese Boxing. Smith, R. W. (1967). (2)
Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Compton, P. (1975).
Secrets of Chinese Karate. Parker, E. (1963).
Secrets of Shaolin Temple Boxing. Smith, R. W. (1974).
Shantung Black Tiger. Kiong, T. K., Draeger, D. F., & Chambers, Y. T. G. (1976). Paperback
Shaolin Animal Styles. Schwenk, U. (date unk.).
Shaolin Fighting: Theories and Concepts. Wong, D. L. (1977).
Sil Lim Kung Fu. Fong, L . (1971).
Soft Weapons – Nine Section Whip and Rope Dart. Kegin, L. & Xingdong, L. (1986).
Spinning Spear of Choi Lay Fut.
The Drunkard Kung Fu and Its Applications. Ting, L. (1984).
The Kung Fu Exercise Book. Minick, M. (1975).
The Sage Monkey Kung Fu. Wong, J. I. (1980).
The Secrets of Kung-Fu. Parulski, G. R. (1984).
The Wisdom of Kung Fu. Minick, M. (1975).
Thoughts On Learning Baguazhang (Babin).
Tibetan Kung Fu. Staples, M. P. (1975).
Tien Shen Pai Kung Fu. Lin, W. (1976).
Tiet Sin Kuen Iron Shirt (Wing).
Tiger and Crane Double Form.
Tiger Claw. Fong, L. (1976)
Training Methods of Shaolin (Zhong).
Ultimate Iron Palm. Lam, W. & Braun, C. (2002)
White Crane Gung-Fu. Staples, M. P. (1975).
Xiao Hong Quan Kung Fu. (2001).
ZuiJiQuan (A Drunkard’s Boxing). Chinese Kung Fu Series 4. (1984).


Martial Arts Books
Combat Submission Wrestling
Shootwrestling: Shooto Training Guide, Vol. 1. Nakamura, Y. (1992).

Advanced Power Training in Kung Fu and Karate. Fong, L. (1983 )
Beyond Bodybuilding (Tsatsouline).
Bullet Proof Abs. Tsatsouline,,P. (2000).
Combat Abs. Furey, M. (2001).
Complete Idiots Guide to Healthy Stretching. Verna, C. (1998).
Fighting Fit. Ben-Asher, D. (1983).
How to Get and Stay So. Blaikle, W. (1879).
Isometrics. Widenberg, H. (1968).
Medicine Ball Training And Then Some. Enamait, R. (2003).
Muscle Revolution (Waterbury).
Naked Warrior. Tsatsouline,,P. (2003).
Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide.
Physical Education by Muscular Exercise. Gulick, L. H. (1911).
Power to The People. Tsatsouline,,P. (1999).
Power Training in Kung Fu and Karate. Fong, L. T. & Marchini, R. (1974).
Principles Of Squad Instruction For The Broadsword. Corbesier, A. J. (1869).
Punching with Power. Ross, E. (2004).
Relax Into Stretching. Tsatsouline ,,P. (2001).
Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Tsatsouline,,P. (2001).
Scrapper Bodyweight Conditioning (Scrapper).
Super Joints. Tsatsouline,,P. (2001).
The Ultimate Underground Training Manual. Even-Esh, Z. (2007).
Train Smart. Sisco, P. (2002).
Turbulence Training for Fat Loss (Ballantyne).
Turbulence Training Hardcore Fat Loss (Ballantyne).
Turbulence Training Nutrition (Mohr).
Turbulence Training Summertime Bodyweight Workout (Ballantyne).
Ultimate Training for the Martial Arts. Little, J. R. & Wong, C. F. (2001).
US Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide.Deuster, P. A. (1997).
Warrior Fitness. Ross, E. (2003).
Warrior Workout Bonus Series 1. Ross, E. (2003).


Martial Arts Books
Warrior Workout Bonus Series 2. Ross, E. (2003).

Fencing/European Martial Arts
A Treatise on Backsword, Sword, Buckler. Miller. (1735).
An Abridgment of the New Broad Sword Exercise. Pepper, W. (1797).
Art of Dueling: Salvatore Fabris’ rapier fencing treatise of 1606. Leoni, T. (2005).
Art of Fencing, or Use of the Small Sword. L'Abbat. (1734).
Art of the Foil. Barbasetti, L. (1932).
Better Fencing: Foil. Anderson, B. (1973).
Broad-Sword and Single-Stick. Allanson-inn, R. G. (1890). ed. Hurley, J. W (2004).
By the Sword: A History of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swasucklers, and Olympic
Champions. Cohen, R. (2003).
Cold Steel: A Practical Treatise on the Sabre. Hutton, A. (1889).
Dictionary of Irish Martial Arts. Hurley, J. W. (2004).
English Master of Defence. Wylde. (1711).
Fencing with the Foil. Crosnier, R. (1969).
Fencing, Boxing, Wrestling: Boxing. Michell, E. B. (1897).
Fencing, Boxing, Wrestling: Fencing. Pollock, W. H., Grove, F. C., & Prevost, C. (1897).
Fencing, Boxing, Wrestling: Wrestling. Armstrong, W. (1897).
Fencing. Bower, M. & Mori, T. (1972)
Fencing. Bower, M.(1976).
Fencing. Curry, N. L. (1969).
Fencing. Garrett, M. R. (1961).
Fencing. Simonian, C. (1968)
Fencing. Vince, J. (1940).
Fighting with Sticks. Evangelista, N. (1998).
Flos Duellatorum. Novati.
Foil Fencing. Bower, M.(1980).
Foil Fencing. W. Wyrick. (1971)
Fundamentals of Foil Fencing. Vince, J. (1937). The School of Fencing. (1971).
His True Arte of Defense, Di Grassi, G. (1594).
Hungarian and Highland Broadswirds. Angelo, H. (1798).
Inner Game of Fencing: Excellence, Technique, Strategy, & Spirit. Evangilista, N. (2000).
Italian Rapier Combat: Capo Ferro’s Gran Simulacro of 1610). Kirby, J., ed. (2004).
L'Encyclopedie Diderot et D'Alembert, Fabrique Des Armes Escrime . Angelo. (1800s).


Martial Arts Books
Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Manual of Swordfighting and Close-Quarter Combat.
Talhoffer, H. (2000).
Modern Fencing: Foil, Epee, and Sabre. Alaux, M. (1981).
Old Sword Play: Systems of the Fence. Hutton, A. (2002). (1892).
On Fencing. Nadi, A. (1943).
Ragione Di Adoprar sicura, mente L'Arme Si da Offesa, come da difesa Di Grassi. (1594).
Schools and Masters of Fencing: From the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century. Castle, E.
Scola overo Teatro (School or Theatre). Giganti, N. (1606).
Swordplay. Breckinridge, S. D. & Breckinridge, Jr., S. D. (1941).
The Angelo Cutlass Exercise. Angelo, H. (1796). in The School of Fencing. (1971).
The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe. Anglo, S. (2000).
The School of Fencing. Angelo, D. (1787). in The School of Fencing. (1971).
The Science of Fencing: A Comprehensive Training Manual for Master and Student. Gaugler, W. &
Nadi, A. (1997).
The Secret History of the Sword: Adventures in Ancient Martial Arts. Amberger, J. C. (1999).
The Shilelagh Makers. Hurley, J. W. (2004).
The Sicilian Blade (Quattrocchi).
The Theory and Practice of Fencing. Castello, J. M. 1933.
The Walking Stick Method of Self-Defense.
Theory of Fencing: Foil, Sabre, Dueling Sword. Castello, J. M. 1931.
Trattato Di Scienzia d’Armes (Treatise on the Science of Arms and Philosophy), (text). Agrippa, C.

Filipino Martial Arts
Arnis: History and Development of the Filipino Martial Arts. Wiley, M. (2001).
Balisong: The Lethal Art Of Filipino Knife Fighting. Camel, S., Cagaanan, G, & Umpad, S. (1986)
Balisong Iron Butterfly. Hernandez, C. (1985).
Escrima. Latosa, R. & Newman, B. (1979).
Filipino Fighting Arts: Theory and Practice. Wiley, M. (2000).
Filipino Martial Arts. Inosanto, D. (1977).
Filipino Martial Culture. Wiley, M. (1997).
Balisong Iron Butterfly. Hernandez, C. (1985)
Modern Arnis. Presas, R. (1983).
Pananandata Rope Fighting. Marinas, M. (1989).
Panatukan. Faye, R. (2006)
The Balisong Manual. Imada, J. (1984).


Martial Arts Books
The Kris. Frex, E. (1989).
The Malay Art of Self Defense (Shamsuddin).
Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia. Draeger, D. (1992).

French Martial Arts
Boxe Francaise Savate. Drieinazak, R. (1987).
Canne de Combat. auth unk. (2007).
Della Boxe francese. author unk. (date unk.). in Italian.
La Boxe Francaise. Charlemont, C. (1899).
La Canne Francaise. author unk. (date unk.). in Italian.
Manuel de la Boxe Francaise. LeBoucher, M. (date unk.) in French.
Savate Boxe Francaise. author unk. (date unk.). in French.
Savate: French Foot Fighting. Tegner, B. (1970).

Japanese Martial Arts
100 Deadliest Karate Moves. Gambordella, T. (date unk.)
27 Katas of Japanese Karate. Unknown. (Unknown).
584 Drills (Sell).
Advanced Nunchaku. Demura, F. (1978)
Bo: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense. Demura, F. (1976).
Essential Karate. Oyama, M. (1979).
Goju Ryu Karate Matayoshi Kobudo Karate Notes (Lawrence).
Grandmaster's Book of Ninja Training. Hatsumi, M (1988).
Icelandic Wrestling. Josefsson, J. (1908).
Karate is a Thing of the Spirit. Crews, H. (1972).
Karate: Art of Empty-Hand Fighting. Nishiyama, H. & Brown, R. C (1959 1962)
Karate: History and Traditions. Haines, B. A. (1965).
Karate: Questions and Answers. Bitanga, D. S. (1970).
Karate-Do Kyohan. Funakoshi, G. (1973).
Karate-Do: My Way of Life. Funakoshi, G. (1982).
Kenjutsu Shodan. Lovret, F. (1977).
Kickbox Karate Komics (in Russia). auth unk. (date unk.).
Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja. Peters, M. E. (1986).
Kyokushi The Ultimate Beginners Guide. Kyokushin Budo Kai. (2005).
Mastering the Sai. Gambordella, T. (date unk.)