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Bluepoint Wellness & Spa
At Bluepoint Wellness & Spa, we are all about helping you look and feel your best! We offer a one spa
fits all philosophy. Here to nurture, encourage, and become your trusted partner in wellness, we offer a
complete spectrum of services: medically supervised weight loss, nutritional counseling, behavioral
coaching, exercise, and ultra pampering spa treatments.
about bluepoint wellness spa :
At Bluepoint Wellness & Spa we offer an entirely new concept in overall individual wellness! Our
continuum of care includes the whole individual.
We specialize in giving our clients the tools to take charge of their health through personalized nutrition
and lifestyle solutions. Our spa services include massage and skin care and provide pampering
treatments for those simply looking to look and feel great.
View Our Wellness Programs & Services :
1. Medical Weight Management
2. Pre/Post Surgical Weight Loss & Management
3. Metabolic Testing
4. Nutrition Counseling
5. Behavioral Counseling
About Spa :
At Bluepoint Wellness & Spa we have designed a space just for you! It’s your haven; a sanctuary to let go
of stress and let us take care of you. Let us help you feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed! The goal of
our center is to work with clients to achieve optimum skin health. To accomplish this goal, we
incorporate total wellness by offering skin and massage therapy.
View Our Spa Services :
Hair Removal
Spa Packages
Bluepoint Wellness & Spa Gift Cards :
Please check back with us in the next few weeks in order to purchase a gift card for yourself, family
member, co-worker, or loved one! Our cards do not expire and no dormancy or other fees will be
charged. The cards are redeemable for all goods and services at participating Bluepoint Wellness & Spa
locations. The cards may not be redeemed for cash, in conjunction with a private event, or replaced if
lost or stolen. Use of our cards constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions
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