Massimo Palazzi portfolio

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Massimo Palazzi

(swimming pools)
courtesy Andrea Ciani Arte Contemporanea, Genoa

The installation was modelled after the work of an imaginary architect who designs swimming
pools. It includes drawings and photographs of the proposed project done on computer with the
3D Studio Max program. The cool, technical and graphical language suggests the space and
volume of the outskirts of modern industrial districts. The perspective and texture of the
renderings evoke the selfish attitude of one who plays videogames. The models, constructed of
reinforced concrete, bring to mind other ritualistic spaces - such as temples, thermal baths, or
prison courtyards.

plotter prints, the biggest one 60 x 60 cm

plotter print, 90 x 130 cm

reinforced concrete, iron; tank size: 50 x 60 x 70 cm

plotter print, 180 x 90 cm

Yet 5 items

Yet 5 items was made up for the exhibition “Dal o Scirocco al Foehn” organized by the Genoa’s
contemporary art museum. On that occasion each of the invited artist was asked to chose one
of the pieces owned by the museum and to deal with it to conceive his work.
The Albers like work by Gilardi catched my attention. I committed a joiner, who usually take care
of the museum artwork’s package, to built 5 crates for the 5 squares painted on the Gilardi’s
canvas as they were painting too. Each crate is deep enough to contain, and transport, the
smaller one, so that the blue can hold all the others like a Russian Matrioska doll.

yet 5 items

yet 5 items