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Career options for MBA graduate in finance
A degree in business, also known as MBA, opens door for wider career options. Business education has
suddenly found much importance in the world today because of increasing business complexity, globalization
of businesses, mergers and acquisition, and the rapid change.
To satisfy the requirement of Industry, many business schools have come up across the country. However,
not all students know what they want out of a course. Sometimes, because of lack of industry academia
interface, even schools are not much aware of the changes happening in the industry. Hence many schools
are not able to streamline their curriculum and teaching to serve the new age industry. We will discuss some
areas of finance where business graduates can look forward work in.
Finance is a big area. Its breadth and width is very wide. Finance is the most important aspect of business
and hence one of the core subjects of any business education is financial management irrespective of the
major chosen by you for your MBA specialization. We will focus here on the financial sector and types of
profiles that finance graduates can hope to get after their education.
- Investment Banking: Investment banking serves the interest of industry, PE firms, and
sometime Governments. The investment banking firms help companies and other entities raise
capital, acquire stakes, and provide advisory services.

- Equity Research: The equity research portfolio consists of studying the business, financials,
and fundamental ratios, and many other areas that impact the business and profitability prospect of
the company. Based on the research, equity research analyst advises investors whether to invest in
the company.

- Banking operations: This profile consists of managing the operations of the bank. This involves
managing deposit, credit, check encashment, and any activity that takes place in a day. The job is
challenging as well as satisfying as this gives you complete overview of banking system.

- Financial Manager: This position entails managing the finances of a company. A company needs
finances for its daily operations, salary, procurement, payment to creditors, etc. At the same time, a
financial manager has to decide how to manage the profits and cash generated by the company. The
financial manager has to also manage the financial soundness of any project or acquisition

There are other areas for finance graduates but these are major four areas where most of the finance
graduates join. There could be sub-areas within these 4 areas. Please remember that these 4 areas are
pretty exhaustive in nature and it is only logical to divide these into various streams to manage it more
- Mr. Pankaj Pridarshi
Independent Financial Consultant, Hyderabad

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