MCA Motor Club of America Review

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MCA Motor Club of America Review

Is MCA aka "Motor Club of America" a SCAM?
I want to answer this question first because most of the people that's seeing
this page wants to know this first before knowing anything else about the
company. For those that want the short answer, MCA Motor Club of America
is certainly NOT a scam. They have been in business for over 86 years and
has a great reputation with the Better Business Bureau. And I have been
treated very well by MCA Motor Club of America as both a customer and an
Why do I see several websites/videos say MCA is a Scam?
Truth is about 99% of the websites that say MCA is a Scam says this just to
get people to click to go on their website. Once you get to their website or
Youtube video that says "MCA is a SCAM" in the headline, you will see they
are just people that are already part of the MCA Business Opportunity
that's trying to get more people to join them. Don't believe me? Click on any
of those websites or videos that come in your search that says MCA is a
and I can pretty much guarantee they only did this to get you to click
onto their website or video so they may have the pleasure of introducing
MCA to you.

The only real way to know if ANY company is a legitimate company is to
contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also understand that is NOT an alternative to the Better Business Bureau. is a consumer based review website where anyone with an
active email address can post anything they want about any company, even
if it's completely made up and not true. As I said, MCA Motor Club of

America is a 100% legitimate company and you can verify that with the
Better Business Bureau.
Now that we're passed that, let me tell you more about the Motor Club of
What is MCA Motor Club of America?
Motor Club Of America, more commonly known as MCA is a well known
Trusted Company that's been in business since 1926. For many years
providing superior service to 7 plus million customers in the US and Canada
as the # 1 choice for motor club benefits and simplified insurance protection.
In this "MCA Motor Club of America Review" I will explain who they are, the
benefits they offer, and the business opportunity they have available.
What benefits does MCA offer customers?
MCA offers a variety of benefits plans that covers you at home, at work or at
play. The most popular membership plan is the MCA Total Security Motor
Plan, which includes the following:
UNLIMITED 24/7 Roadside Assistance
Get unlimited roadside assistance anytime, 24/7- 365. Get towing up to 100
miles for each tow for your car, truck, RV, Boat or Motorcycle, which also
includes roadside service for tire changing, battery jumping, fuel delivery,
and also assistance if you lock your keys in your car.
$500 in Travel Assistance
If you're in a local car accident, MCA will provide you a rental car or up to
$500. If you're more than 50 miles from home, MCA will sponsor you for
meals, hotel and transportation. You're covered in "ANY" vehicle you're
driving that's in an accident.
$50,000 Accidental Death Benefit

Takes care of your family and funeral expenses if you die in an accident.
$54,750 in Hospital Care Benefits

If you become hospitalized, get up to $54,750 in hospital care benefits for
up to 365 days.
$500 in Emergency Room Coverage
If you're admitted to the emergency room for any reason, you will get $500
in cash paid directly to you for assistance. Which includes ambulance
service, anesthesia, x-rays and cast/splints.
Global Travel Assistance
Covers any medical emergency while traveling anywhere in the world, which
includes medical evacuation.
Up to 65% off Prescription Medication. Vision and Dental Care

Get up to 65% off on your prescription medications. Also receive up to 50%
discounts on vision and dental care services.
$500 Arrest Bond Certificate
If you are charged with moving violation, which includes speeding tickets or
other vehicular criminal charges, your membership card can be used as a
cash bond.
$25,000 Bail Bond To Release You
When you are driving a vehicle and charged with a moving violation, which
includes vehicular manslaughter and negligent homicide, you will receive up
to $25,000 cash bail to release you.
$1,000 Identity Theft Protection
Get up to $1,000 in protection from identify theft, or from lost or stolen
credit cards.
$3,000 in Attorney Benefits Coverage
If you have to go to court as a result of an accident, moving violation or
personal injury, you will receive up to $3,000 in assistance for legal/attorney

$5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward

If your car is stolen, get up to $5,000 for the conviction and arrest of the
$500 Cash Reward Benefit
$500 cash reward paid for information leading to the conviction and arrest of
the thief for stolen farm property.
Personalized Trip Planning
This includes professional travel reservation service with huge discounts on
hotels, airfare and family fun places.
Over $150,000 in total benefits and protection
For only $19.95 per month
Once you purchase the membership, you will mailed out a membership
packet that contains a wallet membership card, key chain card, discount
card, benefits overview sheet and MCA decals.
Motor Club of America Business Opportunity
The Small Business Income Opportunity that MCA offers their customers is a
membership referral reward. Once you are a customer, you can choose to
become an MCA Associate to get paid for promoting and marketing MCA
products and services. There are no fees to become an MCA Associate. In
fact, you are provided with a free website (known as TVC Matrix) to process
customer orders. You also are provided with free digital brochures and even
a free presentation video to explain MCA Benefits to your prospects. How
this works is, for every member you refer into MCA through your website,
they pay you an up front 200% commission. So with the MCA Total Security
Motor Club membership plan, MCA will pay you $80 per each member that
signs up for this $19.95/month plan. So just two membership signups per
day would earn you well over$1,100 per week .
The reason I say "over $1,100 per week" is because for each new
membership signup in the same week, MCA pays you an extra $2 per
signup. So let's say you get one membership signup per day. On Monday,

you get one signup and you will be advanced $80. But on Tuesday, any
membership you get will be $82, on Wednesday $84, and Thursday $86....
You get the idea? You keep getting $2 raises for each membership signup in
a week up to $90 per person. Which is pretty cool.
So realistically, if you got two membership signups per day for a week (7
days), you would earn $1,230 in a week. And by using the system we teach
you to use, you can learn to do this part time (literally in a couple hours per
You can also qualify to earn monthly residual income and commission
overrides from your MCA customers that keep their memberships active and
for new membership signups they receive.
The system that I use to promote MCA's income opportunity is a marketing
system known as GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com. To see my full written review
on using this system and how it can be used to promote MCA, visit:
This system is optional and not required to get started making money in
MCA, but.... If you're one of the people who would like to be able to earn
$1,200+ weekly part time without picking up a phone and without pestering
your family and friends, then I would highly recommend you use this system
to promote MCA.
This concludes my MCA Motor Club of America Review. If you're interested in
learning how you can truly start making money in MCA as soon as today and
actually get a paycheck from MCA by next friday, click the "Get Started
Today" button below to see a 23 minute video presentation that will explain
in detail and give you a visual overview. And if any questions, feel free to
contact me.
Audio Explanation (MCA Benefits/Compensation Plan)
If you just wish to purchase the MCA benefits but not interested in being an
associate, click here