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Legal Advice That is Better value Than A Solicitor With Invaluable Help and advice
To Help Support You In Your Time Of Need

The majority of of us require legal guidance at some stage in their lives, whether or not it's to sort
out an issue with benefits, help you to write a will, or even sell your own home. It's recommended
that you find out a bit about the procedure, and the most effective way to find help without the
worry about the possibility of escalating charges and generally are unaware of who to turn to.
Together with changes to the Legal Aid procedure on the Governments agenda could very well
have a disastrous affect on thousands of people today.

The legal aid process was first introduced following World War Two as one of the pillars of the
welfare state, offering a safety net for many who cannot manage to invest in legal support. It has a
necessary safety net, making sure that people are in a position to enforce their legal rights,
irrespective of their earnings.

Nonetheless, this particular back-up has come under frequent attacks by consecutive
governments determined to curtail public spending on legal aid, frequently at the expense of
access to justice signifying that many people which once where suitable to legal aid may not be
eligible to it in the event the Government acquire it's way!

This will certainly imply that a great deal of individuals will not be in a position to have the funds for
the aid of solicitors. This is where Law Friend comes in as an afforadable solution to pricey

Raj Sahota can act as your legal help having already been an ex solicitor and can guide you with a
wide variety of services acting as your Mckenzie Friend if you live in Slough, Windsor,
Maidenhead or around the bordering areas then get in contact and I may be in a position to advise

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