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Slough Solicitors Your Mckenzie Friend

Slough Solicitors guide and also represent people in criminal and civil courts. A Slough solicitor
can deal in common area's of legislations but quite a few of them will probably specialise in areas
of law such as criminal, personal injury and divorce or family law.

All the solicitors in private practice will need to have a practising certification from the Solicitors
Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA are the independent regulator which sets the regulations
that all solicitors will have to comply with.

This certificate assures that they're certified to practice and possess satisfactory insurance policy
should something go wrong. You can request to see the certificate which should be on display in
their work place) or you may contact the SRA on 0870 606 2555 to make sure they carry one.

Practicing Slough solicitors come with outgoings like premises as well as resources to pay as well
as employees fees that is why their charges tend to be very high and with the new changes on
legal aid a lot of people who would be eligible are now not allowed and can not find a way to pay
for a solicitor.

Law Friend has been setup by an ex solicitor that has become a Mckenzie Friend who aids
individuals on civil and family law you will get all the practical experience of a solicitor without
having having the higher costs! A Mckenzie Friend will assist you come up with a defence give you
advice or perhaps go along with you at court.

I am Raj Sahota and i'm your regional Mckenzie Friend I an a non practising solicitor and would
love to help you my fees are a lot much less when compared to a solicitors but just about every
case is distinctive so please get in touch so we will go over your requirements. If you reside in
Windsor or maybe Maidenhead together with the encompassing region then please get in touch
for a friendly chat about your issue to find out if I can help.

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