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MDAI Research Chemicals-Positive and Negative Effects
As compare to other research chemicals, MDAI is also a research chemical and it is a clumpy brown
powder which is used by chemical experts in medical experiments as well as people consumes it for
personal use also. Nevertheless its customer's states that it is original color are whitened and very
clumpy powder, nevertheless its brownie look is much more pure than white form. In market, vendors
are also selling it in capsules. It responds just like as MDMA does but little week in stimulation. But
nonetheless it's attaining increasingly more recognition.

Abbreviation of 5, 6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane is MDAI or MDA. Around of 1990 David E.
Nicholas acquired MD with the help of his team members. Since then experiments are continuously
are done on MDAI and results are positive in the field of medical and negative results are seeing on
personal use. According to vitro study it shows that these chemicals are really a non-neurotoxic
selective serotonin delivering agent (SSRA).
What Are Research Chemicals
Research chemicals or chemical drugs are those compounds which are used in research experiments
in research industries. MDAI or MDA or 5, 6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane is also an another type
of research chemicals drug which is often used for medical experiments and inventions to come up
from some critical diseases. But chemicals can be used by chemical professionals only. Chemicals
are also used in educational sector by the chemistry students for experiments studies under the
observation of chemical expertise. Due to harmful characteristics of research chemicals govt passed
hard and fast rules against its uses such as chemicals always used for researches and banned on
personal use by the common man. Now research chemical vendors launched this business into
common markets and they immensely selling such products on their online websites too with some
terms and conditions.

Physical Appearance of MDAI Research Chemicals:
Effects on Body
Till now lots of experiments have been done on the uses of MDAI, results found as well as positive
and negative.
* It will enhance performance and stemina
* It could increase pulse rate normal to high
* It provides mental relaxation
* Suddenly increase blood pressure from normal to high
Unwanted Effects of MDAI:
All research chemicals are highly harmful and may not be intake with no chemical expert's advice. It
might be the reason for dying should you intake it in wrong quality, the next unwanted effects might be
impact on the body:
* It could be the reason of Severe Stomach Pain
* It could be the reason of Feeling cold
* It could get Eye irritations and teeth grinding in high doses
* it could be the reason of Pain/discomfort in nostril if snorted
Some Psychological unwanted effects
* It will lift of mood or mild excitement
* It will enhance the sense of sympathy towards others
* It will get you on higher in enjoyment of music
* Consumer will feel in charge from the experience or effects
* It will make you more socialized for a while
* It will get you in another part of life called Hallucinations in high doses

* visualized closed eye pictures

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