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Medisweans announces multitudes of additional advanced features to its existing
medical billing services.
Medisweans, a dedicated medical billing service provider with fully equipped supporting
offices in India announces advanced features to its much appreciated version of medical
billing software solutions. Medisweans now announces their complete medical practice
optimization solution which eases the work flow and is guaranteed to be in compliance
with medical coding and rules. The new features are offered to increase a smooth patient
experience and less amount of training required to work with. Some of the basic features
other than its easy interface are the option for a central billing office which eliminates
large paper work and compilation of data, auto updated medical coding developed by
highly qualified experienced coders certified by AAPC and with immense knowledge in
CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS coding across various specialties.
Medisweans medical billing services offer comprehensive medical billing tools that can
effectively manage to save the time of both professionals as well as patients which results
in a better patient satisfaction and smoother relationship. The advanced clinical
management software does offer you template libraries which are easily editable and
gives you access to medical data security and confidentiality.
Medisweans points out some of the most efficiently managed medical billing services
offered by its offices as Complete Follow-up Functions, Electronic Claims Submission,
Medical Billing Consulting, Medical Coding Audits, Physician Credentialing, HIPAA
Consulting, Staff & Provider Training, Patient Invoicing and Medical Coding Consulting.
Medisweans does specialize in auditing, submission and follow up of medical billing
claims that ensure full reimbursement.
A subsidiary of Sweans technologies has been innovating in the field of medical billing
field with an upright aim to maintain charts consistently and easily, gain mobile access to
patient data, inform and engage patients online and manage diverse data as one at the cost
of least training and investment by practitioners, therapists and clinics. Medisweans
having been in the medical billing industry for a long term understands and evaluates the
varying needs to improve optimal work flow, efficient patient management, cost
management and patient satisfaction to come up with easy, efficient and low cost
software tools.
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