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Medical Transcription Services
Our client use to get services at reasonable cost but not at the cost of quality.
In today’s pace life, where medical issues are increasing day by day and more and more people are
seeking for proper medical facilities, it is very crucial to provide them healthy medical environment. One
solution for ensuring that the implemented systems are working properly is to outsource the non-core
work, so that main objective of the taking care of patients remains in priority.
eDataMine is one stop solution for service receivers availing medical transcription services, such as large
or small hospitals, nursing homes, Individual physicians and many more. Our client use to get services at
reasonable cost but not at the cost of quality. Our company is dedicated towards building strong and
value laden relations with clients, so that mutual benefits can be obtained by both from it.
eDataMine’s Hospital Transcription Services.
eDataMine provides varied types of hospital transcription services. These include:
Emergency room transcription
Acute care transcription
Admission note transcription
Surgical report transcription
H&P transcription
Discharge summary transcription
Cardiology Transcription Services
Oncology Transcription Services
Orthopaedics Transcription Services
Our Transcriptionists can handle different kinds of report. This includes:
Progress reports
Physical examination reports
Pathology reports
Radiology reports
Labour and delivery reports
Consultation reports
Benefits of outsourcing hospital transcription to eDataMine.
Benefits of Outsourcing medical requirement services to eDataMine are as follows:
Concentration on core services: Outsourcing the non-core services to eDataMine allows our client to
concentrate on their core activity i.e. providing care.
Output result into different formats: Cutting-edge technology is used to provide services to the clients of
eDataMine. It depends upon the client that in which format output is required i.e. in Ms-word, RTF,
HTML, or any other format.
Work from qualified personnel: Outsourcing to eDataMine means obtaining the services by qualified and
skilled staff members. Every team member is expert in their respective scope of work and services. Their
valuable experience enables them to provide specific transcriptions services according to the
requirement of the client.
Quality assurance: While delivering the final output, quality of the solution remains in consideration. A
systematic structure is followed as Quality control process to maintain the quality and customer
satisfaction. Every probable check is performed with completion of the project either its check for
contextual error, grammatical error or punctuation error. HIPAA-compliant is the process used in
transcription at company. Moreover our customer executives remain available 24*7 to solve any kind of
trouble or query of our clients.
Enabling better healthcare.
Here at eDataMine, customer satisfactions taken into priority and strong foundation is laid down to
build long-term relations with them. Feedbacks, complaints, suggestions are always acceptable to serve
them as efficiently as possible. Our whole team is ready to support our clients in day-to-day challenges
and available 24*7 to help them in achieving their goals.