Melbourne Cup 2012

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Melbourne Cup 2012

Melbourne cup is Australia's most famous mount race. It 3.2km race or mounts aged three years and
over. It is popularly known as a race that practically stops the whole country. It is run over one of the
world's richest turfs. It is run on the very first Tuesday of each Novembers and as such; Melbourne
cup 2012 will be held on Tuesday, 6th November 2012. The race is organized by the Victoria
speeding club. It normally requires place in Melbourne on the famous Flemington speeding Course.

Melbourne cup has been held each year because 1981. Its popularity has skyrocketed because then
and each annual version proves a major good results. It is a high top quality handicap for mounts
aged three years and over. The minimal weight is 49kg but there is no upper maximum though the
maximum allotted weight must be at least 57kg. This weight is declared by the handicapper each year
in early September. Some changes are made and more mature mounts are allocated more weight
and these changes also pay regard to other previous results for the mount.

Melbourne cup 2012 is surely going to be a great day just like in the previous years. You can expect
all manner of joyous celebrations in pomp and triumph on this day. More than 100,000 people are
expected to attend. Throughout the country, local races will also be held other than the main event on
the Flemington Racecourse.

The Melbourne cup field will be televised live to an target audience estimated to be over 650 million
people all over the world. Millions will actually stop what they are undertaking on that Tuesday just
before 3 pm to just watch the main race through television. It is also streamed live on the internet and
is obviously transmit live on radio as well.

For the residents of Victoria, they will be granted a day off work as usual. A public holiday will also be
observed In the Australian Money Territory. As usual, most people will take the day off to watch the
Melbourne cup. People will also engage in the Melbourne cup free bet where free bets are placed.

In other parts throughout Australia, many people will attend the local races. In the past, people dress
up in all manners of apparel. Women wear fleshy dresses and hats, incredible marquees are set up
mainly for VIPs who include local, intercountryal and countryal celebrities who take their time to
attend this great event. On this day, champagne, gourmet finger meals and wine flow freely o this

genuine work stops on this day. Office events are commonplace together with dress and hat
competitions. Many employees users attend lunches at restaurants where there are televisions so
that they can watch the Melbourne cup together.

Melbourne cup 2012 is expected to be the greatest version of this event ever organized. It is a great
day for every Australian and the world at large. For mount lovers, it is a day to celebrate mount
speeding that has been there because time immemorial. Remember it will be held on 6th November

at 3pm and you simply cannot afford to miss this incredible event. Melbourne cup always lives up to
the hype and hullabaloo and the 2012 version will undoubtedly be great too.
melbourne cup 2012