Men’s Clothing- How To Keep It Casually Professional?

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Men’s Clothing- How To Keep It Casually Professional?
Oh summers are approaching really fast, don’t you think so? It is
high you start your summer preparations that will not make regret
later. A change in season also brings with it an element of unease
and uncertainty. By now you’re comfortable with the clothes that
you wear to work – that trusty navy blazer, those black Derbies and
your reliable overcoat. However, it is time to change according to
the rising temperatures and humid climatic conditions. Does it
scare you to come out of the comfort zone?
This article talks about the how you should go about the transition
from the cold to the hot and yet keep it subtly stylish with men’s
clothing at your workplace.
Sophistication is the virtue
Sophistication in other words can also be referred to as doing the
most basic of everything (not mentioning men’s underwear here).
You must not over-think about getting the articles of men’s
clothing right. You need not buy clothes in bulk for your office
anyways. Hence, whatever you buy, choose something that is
worth the money as well as the wear. By streamlining your choices,
you not only make it easier on yourself but there’s an element of
confidence that comes with simplicity. The clothing articles that
talk about simplicity, versatility and classiness work and they
always will.
Let us now look at the pieces that’ll help you spend a comfortably
stylish summer months at work.
1. Tailoredpieces
Have you ever clubbed your suit jacket with some other individual
pair of trouser? That’s exactly what calls for ‘professionally casual ’
dressing. These are the keys to any guy’s secret success. You must
not invest a lot in suits because they are expensive and ask for high
maintenance too. Try to invest in separates. For example, a navy
blazer, some mid grey trousers and perhaps something in a pattern
such as Prince of Wales check or a chalk stripe to show that
summer’s a time for play, not just work.What do you say? Can you
think of something else?
2. Shirts
When it is something to do with summers, it gets very important
you not only get the fit right but also the colors. You must feel
happy with what you wear and not uncomfortable. Having
happiness in your head would lead you to peppy colors or pastel
shades that are perfect for the hot months. You can try everything
from pink and blue to yellow and lilac. Pair them with a pattern
textured neutral tie and jacket. In fact, you can also try to do just
the opposite of this. Try to pick up a pattern shirt in fabrics like
cotton, madras, linen or chambray that gives a quirky touch to your
professional dressing. Just remember that if they feature a bold
pattern or colour, anchor them with a solid neutral tie.
3. Trousers
Denims are a must have for all the males. However, you should
stick to simple solid denims rather than opting for embellished or
shimmery pairs. On the other hand, you can also opt for beige
chinos. They are versatile and would add to your Oxford white
shirt or anything else. If this seems a bit too much then, invest in a
pair of darker chinos in navy, olive or brown. Maybe even get them
in linen – the material drapes amazingly well and, if you embrace
the wrinkles, can look even better as the day goes on.
4. Shoes and accessories
If you are planning to fetch some new pairs of shoes, they have to
be suede. The style can be anything from Derby to boots. You
should also opt for trainers that are very much a happening thing
these days. Vans or Converse, opt for anything you like.
5. Men’s underwear
The last but not the least of all the clothing articles for men is their
men’s underwear. You must opt for breathable and revealing pairs
of apparel styles such as men’s thong underwear or bikini
underwear that keeps you comfortable day-in and day-out.