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Traditional German Dishes
ft Opening Menu

G erman Auflauf (Gratin / Casserol e)
Cold Drinks

P retzel

o tato Auflauf 28.000
Potato Gratin. Thin potato slices scal oped with a
Ginger Ale

O r iginal Pretzel
1 4.000

e l i c i ous sauce

O r i
ginal German Pretzel from
Bitter Lemon

o t ato Salami Auflauf 33.000

S c h waben (South-Germany) with

u t ter Spread
Potato Gratin. Thin potato and salami slices
F&N Café Cream
scalloped with a delicious sauce and salami

German Pretzels are popular in t he
Pulpy Orange
Noodle Auflauf 29.000
entire world. It´s typical y Germa n . S c a l loped noodles with creamy tomato cheese
Pulpy Tropical 8.000
c e and seasoning
German Sesame Baguette
4 .000
Teh Sosro 0.5l

N oodle Salami Auflauf 34.000
Delicious bread stick. Healthy and handy.

S c al oped noodles with creamy tomato chese sauce,
Aqua 0.5l

salami slices and seasoning
Coca Cola 9.000

V egetarian Auflauf 26.000

e getables gratin in sauce with creamy tomato sauce, cheese

and seasoning.
Mozarel a Pastry Pockets
1 7.000
Pastry filled with tomato cream sauce and

Mozarella cheese
We only use tradition al
German Frikadel e
Salami Pastry Pockets
2 0.000
Frikadel e is one Germany´s most popular
Pastry filled with tomato cream sauce and
dishes. We offer the fol owing variations. Al
Taste the origina l.
salami slices
fol ow traditional German recipies.
Cheese Pastry Pockets 17.000
Frikadel e Rustikal
Pastry filled cheese.
Minced beef bulette with traditional spices.
Side Dishe
Cross gril ed.

Fries 12.000
Southern Frikadel e 10.000
Mayonaisse 3.000
Mayonaisse Pedas
3 .500
Minced beef bulette with traditional seasoning herbs

3.000 Special Curry 5 .000
from Southern Germany. Cross gril ed.
Garblic Butter 4 .500
Hel enia Frikadel e 12.000
Minced beef bulette with traditional spices and filled with
cheese. Cross grilled.
Dishes we will add in the future, for example ...
Swabian Spätzle Maultasc hen
Special Demand
Breaded Schnitzel Gulasch Soup
You are welcome. Cal us.

Traditional German Dishes
Good food...

Original Taste
gives a
Exclusive and Limited Supply
Quality Focus

No Mass Productions
No Glutamate / No GM-Ingredients
Al Ingredients 100% Halal
Our service is delivery based. Deliveries are made during the stated times and to
H ours:
the fol owing locations only. Vila Duta, ,Bogor Raya (Lakeside), Pakua n, and
M on-Thurs. & Satur.-Sunday
Baranangsiang Indah. Customers from other locations can pick up their ord er from
9.00am – 7.30pm
us directly of course or are charged extra delivery costs.
Order below Rp.50.000 + Rp.5.000 for delivery
Welcome to Leckerl i.
Order above Rp.50.000 Free delivery
We love delicious, fresh and healthy fo od.
First, we shared this passion with friends, t hen
Mohon pemesanan dilakukan sehari sebelumnya. Untuk pengiriman
friends of our friends and now …
waktu makan siang antara jam 11- 13 atau sampai jam 13 untuk
we share it with you.
pengiriman makan malam antara jam 16 - 17 30. Makanan yang sudah
dipesan juga bisa sendiri diambil sampai jam 19.30.
Our menu comprise some of Germany´s m
Tel: 0857 10909960
popular and original dishes.
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