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THANK YOU for downloading my FREE report on the FIVE PHASES Of THE
By reading this report, and going through each Phase of the Merch Clan
Scam, you will gain a clear perception of the “big picture” of how a
typical Merch Clan Scam begins, what really makes prices rise, and
exactly when the Clan Leaders are making billions, from ripping off their
own loyal Clan Members.
By March 2010

In addition, I'm also providing a straight-to-the-point introduction to
proven methods for Solo Merchanting successfully - that anyone can
follow and profit from - without the need to scam anyone.
I wrote this report by drawing on my experience with trading in the real
world, and my understanding of the workings of the Grand Exchange. I
posted videos on YouTube to document and PROVE that I merchanted my
main account from 13.5mil up to over 223mil in just over a half year's
I have also merchanted a
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With each of my new merchanting experiences, my understanding and
confidence in the process grows stronger, and my profit increases too!
This Guide offers a concise and powerful review of the knowledge I
gained about the workings of price manipulating Merch Clans. It is my
hope that this knowledge will save you the demoralizing effect of trading
with a Merch Clan, and provide you with working alternatives to really
start making some money!
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By March 2010

Price Manipulating Merch Clans
Price Manipulating Merch Clans in Runescape are not against the
Jagex Rules. This means Jagex will not help you if you lose money
or get stuck with junk by one of their scams. And the MOD's are
powerless to stop the agrevating Merch Clan Spam in the public chat.
Clan Leaders publicly flaunt the fact that Jagex can't touch them.
In my opinion, the Leaders of Price Manipulating Merch Clans are
unethical people.
They pray on the uneducated and make false promises in order
to make themselves fantastically rich.
Price Manipulating Merch Clans rip you off in more than one
way. They steal hours of your time and cause you to disrupt the
game-play of the people around you - just by offering the illusive
promise of, one day, maybe, becoming a Ranked member in the
Merch Clans rip you off because they pick items that are useless in
the game and merch clans rip you off because you never see an item
- ever- making it to the stated dump price - leaving the ranks of the
clan stuck holding vast quantities of useless junk that won't even sell
for min in the G.E.
In this Guide, I'm going to completely expose The FIVE
PHASES that a Merch Clans follows in order to soak you for your
time - and - how they soak you for your cash in two different ways.
Merch Clan Busting
Our Merch Clan Busting Guides have over 20,000 views on YouTube,
and have already closed down a big, and well-known merch clan.
Our goal is to clean up the Grand Exchange where Jagex can't,
or won't.
By bringing the tactics of Merch Clans into the open, is shining the light on the truth - and may
save you from stuffing the pockets of greedy Merch Clan Leaders
with your hard-earned gold pieces.
By March 2010

How Merch Clans Work
Merch Clans Rip you off by manipulating the prices on the G.E. They
can manipulate the prices because they know how the Grand
Exchange works.
There are two key principals that are pretty easy to understand.
They are called Volume and Liquidity.
Volume is the number of items that are traded back and forth each
day, and liquidity is the total number of items that are available to
be traded.
Let's go on now, and I'll explain how Merch clans use this to their
advantage to make even greater profits that you might imagine.
PHASE ONE of "The Merch Clan Rip-Off"
The Rip-Off starts by gathering Generals and creating a Clan Chat
where nobody can speak but the leader.
Abusive people, liars and thieves are the kind of Thugs that like to
control communication. It keeps the truth from being told.
PHASE ONE gets underway when the new Generals start promising
to give people Rank if they advertise for the Clan.
By March 2010

Why would you want to advertise to get a Rank in the Clan?
Here's the lure: Here's the carrot before the Donkey:
If you are a Ranked Member of the Clan, you're promised to gain
'early notice' about the next item to be merchanted - with the idea
that you get to buy in before the rest of the public - and you will gain
HUGE profits as the public drives the prices up.
But we all know that donkey can never reach the carrot...
don't we.
The truth is, 99% of people who advertise for a merch clan NEVER
get noticed by the merch clan leaders.
You waste your time - and you annoy the people around you. You
could have been doing some skills and earning some money. But
instead, you fell victim to PHASE ONE of THE MERCH CLAN RIP-OFF.
How does that make you feel?
Phase two is often happening at the same time as Phase One, but it
is a very different activity - and it happens very quietly.
This is when the Clan Leaders are pre-buying the secret item before
it is released to the Generals and Ranked members, and before it is
released to the public.
Often, a lot of planning will go into this phase - and sometimes, the
highest form of trickery and underhanded deals are brokered
when planning which are the next two or three items to merchant.
Merch Clan leaders have been know to do a double-switch on their
own generals at the last minute!! Hording all the profits for
themselves - while making up a lame excuse to appease the angry
Some important things go on within the Grand Exchange during
Phase Two of the Merch Clan Scam
Typically, a merch clan leader selects an item that is NOT a
commodity in the game. (A commodity is any item that is used up
when you use it - and you`ll need more of it tomorrow. These are
things like food and gas in the real world - and things like coal, and
logs in the game)
By March 2010

Instead of merchanting these high volume, common commodity
items as a Solo-Merchanter would, the price manipulating merch
clans tend to select items that have a limited or specialzed use in the
game - and especially those items that have a limited supply.
This limited supply is the hidden key to why you can never make
substantial profits when trading on the public advice of a merch
clan. The clan leaders and insiders have already bought up most of
the supply of the item - and are holding it. This reduces the liquidity
of the market (not many items are flowing back and forth between
buyers and sellers), and makes the market vulnerable to price
We`ll come back to this idea of volume and liquidity in a moment.
PHASE TWO is almost complete when the leaders have soaked up
almost all the available inventory for the item. Sometimes Phase
Two can take two or three weeks as the Clan Leaders slowly buy
everything at the minimum price possible - they want to buy
everything possible without pushing the prices up at this point.
Remember, they already know which item will be merched as long as
a month in advance.
During the last few days of Phase Two, the clan leader tells the
Generals what the item will be.The generals sometimes have a day
or two to stock up before Phase Three begins and the item is
announced to the public.The generals don`t have as much time as
the leaders, so they buy everything at max price - and the price of
the item starts to go up just before the item is announced to the
You can tell when a Merch is at the end of Phase Two when their clan
chat is posting a date and time for the next item to be announced.
At this time, you`ll also hear the clan auto-talker saying that
Generals are out looking to give Ranks to advertisers... and a new
raft of noobs listen to the Clan auto-chatter, and fall for the Scam
in Phase One - making a bunch of noise on behalf of the Clan - in
the futile hope of becoming a Ranked Member.
By March 2010

Phase Three begins when the new item starts to go public.
Sophisticated merch clans now use Twitter and Facebook to get the
word out and build their audience. Some Clans even have a website -
complete with instructions on how to hand over your runescape gold
pieces to their ponzy scheme.
The aim of Phase Three is to make a lot of noise and attract a lot of
attention. They want people to check the clan chat, maybe check
the price charts - and they get all excited and greedy.
Have you seen the instructions that a Merch Clan gives to its public
These instructions are - exactly - dead - opposite - to what a real-
world investment advisor would tell you - and it also happens to be
opposite to the strategies of most Solo Merchanters as well.
First - they tell you to invest every bit of cash that you have into this
item. An experienced merchanter will only invest 10% to 25% of his
cash into any one item. This is a risk control rule that can act like a
seat belt to save you if prices crash unexpectedly.
Second, the merch clans teach you a little-known trick for buying
items faster on the Grand Exchange.
Here's how it works:
Lets say you and I were to both try to buy 1200 items that are in hot
demand and rising fast in price. You put in an order to buy 1200
items in one slot, and I put in six orders of 200 items in each one of
my six slots. At the same time that I hit 200 items in each on my six
slots, you would also ge reaching 200 items filled in your order - but
then you would still have to wait for the rest of your order to be
If you want to buy faster, buy in smaller lots and use more slots in
the GE.
When hundreds of people are buying an item at max price, using all
six slots - the G.E. will increase the price of the item on the next
update by as much as 5% of the item's value.
By March 2010

During Phase three - the actual volume of trade, the number of
items bought at max price, is barely a trickle.
This is really important to know about - because it's not something
you can see on the charts. It is this market condition that drives
prices to their maximum extremes: There is almost no volume of
trade and there is no liquidity in the market (because the clan
leaders are holding all of the limited inventory) and at the same
time, an enormous demand with hundereds of players trying to buy
at max price.
Remember now, in Phase Three, as the prices are going up the
fastest, very few items are actually being traded - and this
tilts the profits even more in favor of the Merch Clan leaders -
much more than you might realize.
Phase Three turns into Phase Four really quietly. It's often hard to
tell when this begins to occur.
Most Clan Leaders won't even admit that Phase four even
happens. In fact, they go to great lengths to convince you that this
does NOT happen!
But I'm here to tell ya! IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME!
I'm here to hold up the light of truth!
I'm here to lift up the rock and show you the creepy crawly
LOOK how they scurry away and find cover behind some
other lie and excuse.
By March 2010

What Happens During Phase Four
Phase 4 looks just like Phase 3 to the untrained eye because prices
are still going up. This is slight-of-hand... 'almost Chris Angel
style' - and they are NOT going to be happy that I'm giving away
the secrets to their magic tricks.
During Phase 4, the clan leaders are slowly, very slowly dumping
their items a little at a time throughout the day -- for a very
handsome profit. The prices are still rising - and people are still
buying... while the clan leaders slowly collect their profits.
People keep buying from the Clan Leaders at max price, day after
day - until finally something breaks. The Clan Leaders and generals
try to sell a little at max and it doesn't sell right away. Soon they are
selling for med price, and then at min price - so they can get as
much out of the market as possible.
Price is crashing, everyone is selling at min - and people are
deparetely trying to sell their items - at any price.
You may think the Clan leaders are done ripping you off... but that's
not the case at all. These greedy, rich clan leaders have just made
another fortune off the backs of there Clan. But if they actually do
actually get stuck with items before they could unload on the public
merchanters, now they turn and skillfully rip off a completely
different crowd of unsuspecting people.
Generally, these are lower level players who borrow costly items and
weapons to work on their skills. If you borrow an item for 150k, the
loaner will give you junk in trade for your cash, along with loaning
the item to you. This is high-priced junk is dropping in price, and it
may end up losing 50% of it's value before you can finally sell it and
recover some of your cash.
In reality, you paid much more to borrow that god sword that you
might think.
By March 2010

AND - you may not have realized that you were the last person - in a
long line of people - to get ripped off by that merch.
I'm not holding anything back here.
I'm telling you ALL the truths about Merch Clans because, once you
know this - it's acutally pretty easy to protect yourself against these
multi-faceted scams.
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By March 2010