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THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT microbiology and molecular geneticswww.uvm.edu/~mmgFascinating developments in contemporary DEGREES OFFEREDmedicine and science begin with molecular • Bachelor of Science in Microbiologyevents that underlie the routine functions • Bachelor of Science in Molecular Geneticsof cells and organisms. Scientists in • Masters of Science in Microbiology and Molecular Geneticsthe field of microbiology study microbes • Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Geneticsessential to medicine, industry, ecology, and basic science. Molecular genetics, in turn, CURRICULUM OVERVIEWprovides the means to investigate, at the All students complete the College of Agriculture and molecular level, the chemical and biological Life Sciences (CALS) core curriculum. In a first-year principles that underlie all living processes. colloquium students meet directly with the faculty to discuss on-going research projects and contemporary issues in microbiology and molecular genetics. In The Microbiology and Molecular Genetics addition, students take a foundation of biological and Department at UVM is unique because it physical science courses, plus upper-level microbiology exists within two colleges, the College of and molecular genetics and biological sciences courses Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and to complete their major requirements. the College of Medicine (COM). From this RESEARCHposition, it draws on expertise from such Small classes, hands-on/intensive classroom departments at botany and agricultural laboratory experiences, and a strong commitment biochemistry, pathology, biology, and to undergraduate advising give students many pharmacology. You can choose a major opportunities to interact with the faculty. in Microbiology with a concentration in Undergraduates are encouraged to get involved in cutting-edge research projects in the department clinical, applied or general microbiology, or and the College of Medicine in such areas as DNA in Molecular Genetics. repair, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, structural biology, fungal genetics, environmental microbiology, The program is flexible enough to allow developmental genetics, and other fields. Internship students to minor in a scientific discipline, with the adjacent Fletcher Allen Health Care medical center, the Department of Health, and at other sites such as medical technology, nutrition, are also available. Approximately 85 percent of our or biological science – or a field that’s majors take advantage of research and/or internship altogether different. Students have opportunities.graduated with minors in French, business, and statistics, allowing them to put together CAREER DIRECTIONSa career plan that spans a wide range of Our students have an outstanding track record of admissions to top-notch medical and graduate opportunities. schools as well as in acquiring high-paying jobs upon graduation. An undergraduate degree in CORE COURSES microbiology or molecular genetics prepares students FoundationsWritten Communicationsto go on to study for an advanced degree in medicine, Oral Communicationsbiotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry. Students Information Technologymay also combining their MMG background with Introduction to BiologyIntroduction to Chemistrystudies in law, a field where changes in the patent Calculusindustry, as well as questions of ethics related to Physicsbioengineering or genetics counseling, have companies Biology of MicroorganismsRecombinant DNA Technologyand regulatory agencies clamoring for graduates with a Biochemistryscience background to complement legal expertise. ADVANCED COURSES Students will be ready to work in virtually any type of (a sampling)laboratory in the biological sciences – research, clinical, Microbiology and PathogenesisEnvironmental Microbiologyor applied sciences, such as forensics or toxicology. Our Virologygraduates have gone on to work in academic research Immunologylaboratories at Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Massachusetts Molecular CloningMammalian Cell Culture in Molecular BiologyGeneral Hospital, to name but a few, or to work in the Prokaryotic Molecular Geneticsbiopharmaceutical industry with companies such as Industrial MicrobiologyFood MicrobiologyDNAX, Hoffman LaRoche, and GenProbe. Within these Eukaryotic Geneticscareers – whether in industry or an academic setting Macromolecular Processing– you might teach, run experiments, lead a research BiochemistryResearch / Undergraduate Teaching Assistantshipsteam, or nay graduates combination. Industries like food processing and pharmaceuticals offer many offerings, but graduates have also chosen to start their own businesses.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT:UNIVERSITY OF VERMONTMICROBIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR GENETICS PROGRAMStafford BuildingBurlington, VT 05405Phone: (802) 656-8203Email: [email protected]: www.uvm.edu/microbiology