Missoni and Balenciaga Fashion Boots are Women’s Vanity

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Missoni and Balenciaga Fashion
Boots are Women's Vanity

When it comes to women's footwear, it always boils down to who designed it and how much it
cost. You really can't blame them though and contrary to popular belief it's not just about
vanity that drives them crazy about Prada or Gucci. It's hard to comprehend women especially
when we talk about fashion, but generally women want to receive a lot of praise for their
beauty or just about looking good in whatever it is they're wearing. So it's not surprising to see
them wearing chandelier-like earrings, five-inch heels shoes, colorful make-up or even daring or
revealing clothes.

This also puts rival stores that sell women's merchandise at odds with each other, but while it's
nothing personal the competition does get stiff. Take these two brands that sell famous
women's designer shoes for instance; on the one hand we have Missoni Boots and on the
other we got Balenciaga Boots. For this reason we will pitch up Missoni's Ankle Boots against
Balenciaga's Grey Leather Buckle Platform Boots - both are actually ankle boots and are among
the top picks of most women who are into fashion and designer brands that manufactures sell
men and women's designer shoes.


The features of Missoni's Ankle Boots include a common square heel 3.9-inch heels, narrow toe
line, lightweight sweater, no appliques, textile fibers and a rubber sole. It comes in black and
has an asking price of $488. The 3.9-inch square heels accent a woman's stance and posture
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Missoni and Balenciaga Boots

making her appear taller and slender than she would normally look. It's a good price to pay for
what you'll be getting in return.


Balenciaga's Women's Boots on the other hand sells for $524.39 a pair, which features5 and 1/2-
inch block heels, leather ankle strap and overall tough look to it. It features a smooth leather
upper, an almond shaped toe with 1 and 1/4-inch thick outsole, ankle strap with matte gunmetal
buckle, the midsole has a contrast stitching and leather lining and sole. Balenciaga's inclination
towards creating stylish and modern footwear especially the ones designed for women is truly

The founders of Missoni, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni created the company in 1923; however,
the company gained worldwide acceptance just over 12 years ago when it went online back in
the year 2000. In April 1967 the Woman's Wear Daily magazine, writes: "Missoni is in the lead
with one of the most sinful dresses among those inspired by Art Deco."."

In 1918 Cristobal Balenciaga founded Spain's first Balenciaga Boutique, well technically it is the
world's first Balenciaga store also. Balenciaga was more of a wardrobe and clothing designer
than a shoe guy, in fact he's been known for several achievements such as transforming the
silhouette in 1951, creating the balloon jacket in 1953, the high-waisted baby doll dress, the
balloon skirt, cocoon jacket and the sack dress in 1957, as well as created the chemise dress in
1958. His fame grew into a worldwide sensation, which thus carried over to the value of his
designer Basketball Shoes that now makes them so pricey.

Now these are two of the best brands in women's designer shoes and every fashionable
woman would own several of these as well as a monthly fashion magazine update on shoes and
other apparels. Whether it's jeans, leather pants, long dress or whatever it is that you plan to
wear, these women's boots will make you look good.

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