Mobile Apps Showdown at CESLineshow in NYC

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and may the best app win!
The Metropolitan Pavilion and
Altman Building on 125W. 18th St.,
Got an app but want to rise above the noise?
New York City
Register for a place on our Wall of Apps at CES LINESHOW 2012.
We'll get your apps in front of the decision makers and thought
leaders in some of the hottest lifestyle markets and enter you
into our widely publicized and popular Mobile Apps Showdown
June 27 - 28
NYC Competition.
No Hassle Exhibiting
Forget about building a display, designing splashy graphics,
June 25 -29 is CE Week in
shipping a monstrous booth, or hiring full-time staff for your
New York. With hundreds
display area. Living in Digital Times, the proprietors of Digital
of exhibitors and press
Health Summit, Mommy Tech, Silvers Summit, Sports and
Fitness Tech, and Higher Ed Tech, will provide all that for you.
looking for the newest
Plus, LIDT will track traffic, collect contacts and queries,
technology ideas and
and make referrals on your behalf.
trends, you don't want to
miss an opportunity to be
Join our Mobile Apps Showdown Competition, FREE
part of this important
Your participation on the Wall of Apps includes one free entry
($500 value) into the Mobile Apps Showdown NYC the premier
app competition at CES Lineshows.
You'll be featured on the Mobile Apps Showdown website
(, reviewed by our judges, press
and analysts and promoted to our audience to download or buy
your app. You'll be featured on the show floor at the CES Line
Shows Wall of Apps. And, you'll be featured on both the Living
Here's what we're offering you:
in Digital Times and CES Line Shows websites as contestants in
* A display on our Wall of Apps: The exhibit dedicated
the apps showdown.
to lifestyle-directed apps
* A placard to accompany your display. The placard will
Do the math! It's a deal!
include a product description and contact information.
Don't forget, there's power in numbers. The Wall of Apps allows
* Trained LIDT staff to help showcase your product
attendees to see all the coolest apps in one place. That's bound to
* A list of prospects visiting the booth
generate traffic, translating into more exposure for your product.
* One free entry in the Mobile App Showdown,
a showcase event for apps
Vital Statistics from Last Year's CES Line Show:
Total Attendees: 2302
Cost: $2950
Media/Analysts: 640
Retailers/Distributors: 431
Vital Statistics from Mobile Apps Showdown:
Web Views: 756,291 application views
Votes for Top Ten Finalists: 55,147