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Modern Dentistry: Using Modern Day Dental
Equipments to Better Dental Health
Nowadays, many innovations were made to make our lives easier. In the field of dentistry,
advancements in dental equipments and facilities had made dental restorations a lot easier, faster and
cost a little cheaper than the normal. Other modern day dental technology had made dental teaching to
patients more possible by providing visual representations of the real condition of their oral health. The
most important contribution of these many technological advancements in dentistry is making the
dentophobic patients more comfortable and receptive to dental care.
Some of the modern day dental equipments and facilities are:
CEREC technology This advancement had made it possible to wear an all-ceramic dental
restoration the same day it was fitted thus saving a lot of time. Since it uses CAD/ CAM, the
fitting of the restoration is precise and does not require further reshaping of a healthy tooth
which is true in the case of a traditional dental crown that does not fit.
Intra-oral camera This modern day dental equipment allows not only the dentist but also
his/her patient to see every detail of the patient’s dental condition. The camera is helpful in
educating and explaining the patient the condition of his/her dental health and the procedure
the teeth need to undergo. Intra-oral cameras are also used in checking for presence of oral
lumps and lesions that are indicative of oral cancer in the oral cavity.
Laser dentistry Laser is used in oral surgeries because minimizes bleeding, promotes speedy
wound healing and reduces the incidence of post-operative pain.
Sedation dentistry This uses pharmacological substances to calm anxious patients prior to a
dental procedure. Sedation can be administered via inhalation (use of laughing gas), oral and
intravenous route.