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Precision Materials & Engineering
When he moved to Los Angeles 60 years ago, Ray LaPorte had no
intention of becoming one of the leading molders of electrical connector
insulators for the military. All La Porte really had in mind when he moved
his family west from Rhode Island back in 1951 was to be his own boss.
Thus, with a $22,000 machinery investment, he set up shop with partner
Karl Bischoff, whom he had met while working as a machinist at a jewelry
manufacturer in Providence. From this partnership, RAKAR was born.

Thermoplastic Materials
Rakar has the knowledge & capability
to mold many types of thermoplastic
materials. We typically use
engineering grade resins ranging from
Nylon & Polyester to high performance
resins such as PEEK & LCP. Having
produced small, medium & large
production runs of thousands of
different products, Rakar can meet
your specific injection molding
requirements from simple to complex
sizes, shapes & tolerance.
Thermoplastic Resins having specific
properties are compounded with
additives such as reinforcements
(glass or carbon), U.V. inhibitors, flame
retardants, conductive elements,
lubricants or toughness agents, to
attain desired properties.

Consumer Molding
Rakar can acomodate any type of molding
job. From commercial to consumer
projects, We have many choices of
Thermoplastic & Thermoset resin for any
design. Let our design team turn your
ideas into a reality!

* Oven Connectors
* Phone & Radio Holsters
* Seals & Gaskets
* Plastic Tools

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