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Money Digger
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Step 1: Firstly signup here, this website Pays 0.25$ if anyonedoes a free
signup at your referral link.
Step 2: Download Tor Browser from here
Step 3: Open your referral link form that website and paste it in Tor
Step 4: Register yourself.
Step 4.1: You can use to get names. And you
can use to verify your email.
Step 4.2: Once done with verification move to the next step.
Step 5: Click on the onion icon on the left side of the tor browser.
Step 6: Select "New Identity".
Step 7: Loop this process.
Step 8: If you make one account on your referral every minute this
means that you can easily make 25$ every hour :)
Step 9: Enjoy the easy money!
Here is one of my payments , I only wated 10 minutes of my life to get
this !
Good Luck!