MOS Offers Comprehensive Support Services for Medical Case Chronology

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MOS Offers Comprehensive
Support Services for Medical
Case Chronology
Accurate and Clear Timeline of all Medical
Encounters of the Patient

It is of utmost
importance to create a
clear medical case
chronology detailing
the medical
experienced by the claimant. Managed
Outsource Solutions (MOS)
, an outsourcing
partner in Oklahoma, offers cost-effective
medical case chronology support solutions. As
one of the leading outsourcing companies,
MOS' focus has always been to provide
comprehensive medical record review support
to its clients. 00-670-2809 00-670-2809
Medical case chronology is a fact based work
output that involves translating the data in the
medical records into a succinct chronological
listing of the treatments and care provided to
the patient. With the medical chronology
listed, the case's medical components are
explained in the required language /
narrative / summary format.
MOS is backed by a team of
trained and experienced
professionals to offer timely

chronology service is
provided for therapy
records, diagnostic records,
assessment records, outpatient records,
general records, and more. The chronology will
contain identifying information regarding the
claimant, date of service, insurance file
number, submitter name, and other vital
details; all listings will be dated correctly.
Clients can select the service that will optimally
address their needs: 00-670-2809 00-670-2809
Abstract most important pieces of
information from the medical records
Highlight relevant details from focused
periods of care, E.g. discharge
summaries, history & physicals,
operative reports
Specific to claimant/patient problems,
E.g. EMG/NCV, MRI report; durable
medical equipment
All medical records are stored in a secure
manner and accessed by authorized personnel
only. Other service features include:
o Competitive pricing 30 to 40% lower than
the market rates
o Quicker turnaround times
o HIPAA compliant services
o Regular QA checking with readily available
reports for the client
o Free trial
o No long-term contracts 00-670-2809 00-670-2809
About Managed Outsource Solutions

Established in 2002 in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is an
experienced outsourcing company that
provides comprehensive support to the
medico-legal industry. The services that the
company offers include medical review,
medical chart audits, physician peer review,
medical record review, and chart review. The
professional and courteous customer service
representatives are available for support, 24
hours a day, seven days a week. The services
are managed by US based managers and a full
time support department onshore and offshore
as well. MOS is a BBB-accredited business with
an "A+" rating.
More information is available at
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