Motives Of Free Samples Distribution

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Motives Of Free Samples Distribution
These days many companies are offering free samples and get them through
internet or by visiting some stores. Some people useful to believe that any
company can offer its products for free and if they still believe after that it some
other doubts catch them up like they start thinking about their quality whether its
up to the standard or not necessarily. Actually in the up-to-date era, it's really very
difficult to believe that some companies really can offer their products 100 % free
because you all know that there's nothing free in that world. Normally, everybody
contains a faith and belief that to obtain something, one has to spend something or
will need to pay accordingly. There can be a strong reason behind this act which
nowadays every company is performing. The main purpose of such offers is in fact
the promotion of their own products; with this act, they make people understand
your requirement and usage of their products and also let them check the products
these products. They also check the attraction of the customer towards the new
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Companies normally conduct reviews before and after distributing such free
samples to check the views of the shopper regarding their product. This activity
helps agencies building their products' awareness among the list of people. As we
all know advertisement is one of key factors where companies grasp repute
together with customer's attention. For case, if a free sample used by you really
fulfill you requirements, you will surely examine your success with your friends
and then your friends with their friends and so on. That's the key issue behind
distributing the 100 % free samples. Marketing department knows properly that
friend recommendation is one of the most effective marketing equipment that
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Another benefit that can be availed from free products distribution is that it helps
companies collecting the contact information with the customers legally that can
be further used by their call centers to explain the people about the newly added
popular features of their product. Normally companies have to ship the freebies to
the individuals and thus, contact information is required. Contact information

includes home address, email address and phone number of the person and any
medium may be used for further correspondence and relationship.
There is another way of collecting information about the people thanks to free
samples that works well; a table is devoted for distribution of freebies and then a
person who avails this offer also receives discount of $5 on the purchase. In short,
the following reasons incline companies to offer free samples:
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1. In this way they introduce their product or service.
2. Because some companies preference to bring you in their store or allow you to
be visit their site.
3. This way they try to make you a permanent user of their total product.
4. To add your contact information in their database.
5. Some do so to obtain dual benefits like making their customers happy and also
get rid of over inventory.
6. To create innovation and change in the product and let that feel exciting about
these changes within their products.