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Mr. Ron Nechemia: A Devoted International Civil Servant
Mr. Ron Nechemia is a founding member of
fornia as one of the top U.S. business leaders
tion to developing operational policies and
the EurOrient Financial Group (“EurOrient”)
who has successfully integrated business and
practices designed to manage high-risks and
and its various affi liate development fi nancial
fi nancial success.
to sustain success during times of crises and
institutions. He is not just a fi nancial pioneer
high market volatilities. These policies and
but is considered the founding father of pri-
He has earned an international reputation as a
practices are intended to ensure high quality
vate sector development banking. He is de-
scholar, entrepreneur, political economist and
portfolio investments and loans for EurOrient
veloping EurOrient into a full-fl edged private
a political risk analyst specializing in country/
and for any funds managed by EurOrient.”
sector global development bank, as it evolves
political risks in Asia, particularly in China.
from a mere project fi nancier. Much to the
He also regularly consults on issues such as
EurOrient’s investment and consultancy
company’s credit, EurOrient is the world’s
the assessment and mitigation of political and
activities focus on developing countries and
fi rst private sector global development fi -
economic risks for cross-border equity invest-
transitional economies while considering
nance institution and accredited institution
ment and debt fi nancing transactions, and has
variables such as credit risk, market risk,
by the United Nations General Assembly on
a broad range of transactional and regulatory
currency risk, rate risk and political risk.
Financing for Development.
expertise focused on specifi c measures to de-
EurOrient is committed to paying disciplined
sign and enhance the creditworthiness and rat-
attention to the overall quality of its loan and
During the talks with Mr. Nechemia, it is clear
ing of venture.
investment portfolio, and does so through its
that he is not only a professional fi nancier,
best-practices approach in its investment and
but a unique scholar. He has frequently been
In 2007, Mr. Nechemia contributed to the
lending activities of each project. In practice
invited to consult and to deliver speeches in
book, “Inside the Minds: The Roles and Mo-
this means that EurOrient analyzes invest-
Special High-Level Policy Dialog that reveals
tivations of Key Players in a Venture Capital
ments from the ground up. Irrespective of
his unique wealth of knowledge and global
Deal” co-authored with 7 managing direc-
the overall economic climate, EurOrient will
vision on global fi nancal architecture.Mr.
tors and senior partners representing some of
not lend to or invest in a project that is not
Nechemia contributes to High-Level Policy
the world’s top venture capital (“VC”) and
itself economically viable or credit worthy.
Dialog address issues of
private equity fi rms, published by Aspatore
“Aid effectiveness
EurOrient intends for its portfolio to consist
Books in the USA .
and innovative fi nancing for development.”
of uniformly sound investments.
His observations touch upon the following
While many American companies are lay-
areas of concern to the international fi nance
EurOrient has continued its journey of devel-
ing off employees, his company, EurOrient
opmental fi nance since being founded in 1988.
Financial Group, is currently recruiting and
Under the leadership of Mr. Nechemia, his

Additional commitments concerning hiring new employees for its rapidly grow-
vision has been to create a privately owned
ing operation. EurOrient has owned a perfect
innovative sources of fi nancing for
global development bank. EurOrient’s share-
development further
risk management system, so it has the strong
debt relief and
holding structure assures that the Company
strength to continue the project development,
International Public Goods;
will remain private sector oriented and that its
making new investments and recruit new em-
operations will remain free and independent

Better coordinated and more effective
ployees. One of Mr. Ron Nechemia’s biggest
of any government’s foreign policy and po-
aid at international levels as well as
challenges is to identify top-level investment
litical agenda. This independence will ensure
implementation of the Monterrey Con-
talent to promote the developmental fi nance
that EurOrient development assistance is ef-
sensus on Aid Effectiveness, including
activities. “EurOrient focuses its investment
fi ciently and effectively managed, based on
more predictable aid mechanisms,
and advisory activities in the complex and
good corporate governance and best practices,
notably budget support, mitigation of
evolving world of emerging markets and for the benefi t of its shareholders, investors,
exogenous shocks, aid untying and
economies in transition. This has required
and society at large. EurOrient affi rms the of-
reform of the international fi nancial
that EurOrient pay particularly close atten-
ten forgotten fact, that development must rep-
resent “...a transformation of society, a move-
Mr. Nechemia’s contribution and efforts to
ment from traditional relations, traditional
the developing countries has earned him
ways of thinking, traditional ways of dealing
many international awards and recognitions.
with health and education, traditional meth-
In 2002, as the State of California represen-
ods of production, to more ‘modern’ ways.”
tative he joined the US Presidential Business
And that development “is not about charity; it
Commission; in 2003, he was selected as the
is about inclusion and empowerment, educa-
National Business Advisory Council Honor-
tion, good health, security, and opportunity.”
ary Chairman. Further, he is the recipient of
To EurOrient, development is about putting
“Businessmen of the Year” award, an award
people fi rst, giving people a voice and better
presented to top business leaders who cham-
life and respecting their fundamental human
pion the free enterprise system, and the “2003
rights. Because development is not about
National Leadership Award” presented by
charity, it is about delivering what people
the Vice President of the United States - Rich-
want in a commercially viable, but socially
ard B. Cheney, as a recognition of outstand-
responsible manner.
ing service and commitment, and in particular
Mr. Nechemia regards himself as an inter-
for assistance and leadership in promoting a
national civil servant. He devotes his life to
pro-business agenda including tax reform and
fi ghting poverty and disparity and to promot-
fi scal responsibility. In 2004 he was one of
ing international cooperation and understand-
three nominees nominated by the Business
ing on behalf of the broader public good.
Advisory Councils for “Businessmen of the
This article is a reproduction of the original Chinese
Year,” an award representing the state of Cali-
publication “International Financing” February 2009.
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