Multi-channel Customer Experience- Improving Relationships

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Multi-channel Customer Experience- Improving Relationships

Technological innovations have given the new age enterprises a vast media map to showcase their
products and services. Along with a large number of TV channels and print media already available,
new media such as online advertisements, mobile messages, emails, web presence through e-
commerce and social networking sites - are using up the advertisement space. With a variety of
offer, the enterprises also respond proactively by recognizing the need to integrate their various
marketing communication efforts, which will enable them to provide their customers with a multi-
channel experience.

Customer experience is vital as customer relationships revolves around this. By integrating the
marketing communication channels ensures a consistent and continuous communications
throughout the sales cycle. Further as today's consumer is not only active, cynical and knowledgeable
entity but also a demanding one seeking a combination of attributes fit enough for the new market
place. With decisions based on reasoned analysis and logical appraisal, the customers today are more
informative. Thus communications delivered to the customers through multiple channels should
provide them with multi-channel customer experience significant to their requirements.

The fast pace of today's digital world has also increased the pace at which the customer behavior and
expectations change. The challenge for business enterprises is to keep pace with this evolution.
Recent research from Ovum shows reports of 74% of consumers using at least three channels when
interacting with an enterprise for customer service-related issues. Since customers interact through
many channels, enterprises must provide a consistent experience across all channels. However, not all
enterprises are prepared for this multi-channel experience. Nevertheless they must react to
consumer demand by proactively anticipating customer requirements. With social media being a
platform where most of the customers meet, involving customers and potentials through predictive
chat sessions will facilitate enterprises in predicting customer interactions.

With the global customer base, enterprises with the need to explore the customer centric multi-
channel approach, should be able to understand the various combination of processes, technology
and people. By discovering the solutions for multichannel customer experience enterprise can bridge
the gap between the self-service applications such as mobile self-service and speech self-service and
the contact centers thereby enhancing customer experience. However, in the process, enterprises will
understand the customer channels preferred by the customers for communication and which gives

them the highest levels of satisfaction. Further by eliminating the self-service dead ends will help in
improving customer experience.

Leading service providers have worked out solutions for effective multi-channel customer experience,
the heart of which is a sophisticated big data to support the three pillars of intuitive customer service.
Anticipating customer actions will help to simplify communications and deliver an increasingly intuitive
customer service strategy effective across all channels.

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