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    • Group Multimedios is one the most important media groups in Mexico that has been in operation for over 70 years.
    • Multimedios media properties include:
      • Radio Stations - 37 AM and FM
      • Broadcast TV Stations - 9 in Mexico
      • Newspapers - 12 local, regional and national
      • Magazines - 2 national
      • Cable TV - a 150,000 subscriber triple-play system
      • Broadband
      • Telephony
      • Outdoor Advertising
      • Music Concert Venues
      • Amusement Parks
      • Broadcast & Cable TV Networks
    • Multimedios is based in Monterrey, Mexico the third largest in population and the second most important industrial city and economic power of the country.
    • Monterrey is strategically situated on the all important corridor of traffic between Mexico and the U.S. with the principal highway that runs through the city and north to San Antonio, Dallas, Chicago and all points east and west.
    With its newspaper, radio, television and outdoor advertising operations that extends outward from Monterrey, covering all of Mexico and north into Texas, Multimedios is a recognized brand to Mexicans on both sides of the border.
    • Multimedios operates the leading Broadcast Network in Northern Mexico and distributes three linear 24/7 cable and satellite TV networks in the US:
      • Multimedios Television
        • General Entertainment Network
      • Milenio Television
        • All Mexico News Network
      • TeleRitmo
        • Mexican Regional Music Network
    TELEVISION NETWORKS Multimedios TV Multimedios TV
    • 100% Original
    • 100% Family
    • 100% Mexican
    • Third largest producer of original programming in Mexico.
    • Over 140 hours of programming per week.
    • Featuring some of the most recognizable Mexican TV Stars and Personalities.
    • News, children’s, magazines, music, game shows, sports, teen’s, late night .
    • Broadcast Quality Shows
    • Highly rated shows that regularly beat the comparable Azteca and Televisa shows.
    • All programming content is 100% owned, controlled and available for all distribution platforms worldwide.
    • Dedicated satellite transmitted TV signals for the US market
    • Extensive library of original and exclusive programming.
  5. 100% ORIGINAL 100% FAMILY 100% MEXICAN Your success strategy for reaching and growing your core Mexican demographic in 2009!
    • Multimedios Television produces and transmits 15 hours per week of highly rated and entertaining Children’s Programming including an award winning educational show that teaches children how to speak English.
    • Multimedios Television offers 14 hours weekly of highly rated magazine shows featuring health, beauty, fashion, cooking, show biz gossip and much more…
  8. NEWS
    • Multimedios Television is the Best News Network in Northern Mexico with over 55 hours per week of LIVE morning, noon and nightly newscasts 7 days per week featuring real-time cameras covering the important Mexico- USA border crossings.
  9. Viva La Vi
    • Viva La Vi is a 2-hour daily Today-type morning show showcasing women’s interests, health, beauty, cooking, fashion, show biz gossip, movies and much more.
    Viva La Vi Hosts: Brenda Bezares, Hugo Santos, Jorge Castro Mon thru Fri: 10a.m.-12 noon IBOPE / AGB MTY 4.57 Rating SEX Hombres 33.35% Mujeres 66.65% AGE 4 a 12 años 5.10 % 13 a 18 años 6.30% 19 a 29 años 21% 30 a 44 años 28.64% 45+ años 38.96%
  10. Acábatelo
    • Acábatelo is a 2-hour weekday show with a live orchestra that features TV Star Mario Bezares and a fun-filled afternoon of hilarious audience participation contests and comedy skits for the entire family.
    Acábatelo Starring: Mario Bezares Mon-Fri 11:30-12:30 noon 5.26 Rating IBOPE / AGB MTY SEX Hombres 39.28% Mujeres 60.72% AGE 4 a 12 años 9.44 % 13 a 18 años 9.70% 19 a 29 años 19.50% 30 a 44 años 31.77% 45+ años 29.59%
    • After school fun and Saturday morning laughter is part of the programming formula for kids of all ages on Multimedios Television... From the planet “Chistorete” come the Payasonicos with a fun program filled with humor and music.
    Payasonicos Los Payasonicos Hosts: Regalito, Raton, Campita & Cibersonica Tues & Thurs 4:00-4:30 pm Sat 11:00 am - 12:00pm 5.04 Rating IBOPE / AGB MTY SEX Hombres 33.90% Mujeres 61.10% AGE 4 a 12 años 28.06 % 13 a 18 años 12.23% 19 a 29 años 18.87% 30 a 44 años 22.95% 45+ años 17.88 %
  11. Children’s Shows La Casita de las Muñequitas Mon, Wed & Fri 3:00 - 4:30 El Show de Bely & Beto Tues, Thurs & Sat 11:30-12:30 noon Tiempo Mágico Wed 4:30 & Sat10am El Gallo Mon – Fri 4:30 a 5:00 hrs.
  12. Women’s Interests Con Clase Sat 12 noon Shopping Time Sat 9pm Visión Elite Mon - Fri 6:00pm Work Out con Ritmo Mon – Fri 6:00 am
  13. Teen/Music Shows Pura Energía Mon 9:30 pm Volumen II Wed 10:30 pm Sat 11:00 pm La Hora G Mon, Fri & Sat 4:30, Wed 9:30 Gruperísimo Thurs 10:30 pm
  14. Sports Shows Fútbol al día Mon - Sat 2pm Rumbo a la Corona Sun 10am Llaves y Candados Sat 9:30pm Las Noches del Fútbol Mon 10:30pm
  15. Audience Participation Shows Night Show Tues 10:30 pm Súper Clásico Tues 9:30 - Sun 2pm Aficionados Sat & Sun 12 noon 5.13 Rating 4.09 Rating Cepillín Thurs 9:30pm Sun 4pm 5.23 Rating 5.32 Rating
  16. Professional Wrestling
    • Multimedios Television offers culturally relevant programming that appeals to the heart and soul of your Mexican viewers, like “lucha libre” … professional wrestling.
    • All of the emotion, all of the passion and all of the theatrics of modern day gladiators direct from Multimedios own Arena Coliseo in Monterrey, Mexico.
    Llaves y Candados Sat - 9:30-11:00 pm
  17. Auto Racing Momento Racing Host: Luis Hipólito Salinas Mondays – 11:00-12:00 pm Multimedios Television offers a wide variety of sports programming including the exciting world of racing sponsored by Tecate ... Luis Hipólito Salinas and his guests celebrate five years of presenting the exciting world of racing covering everything from Champcar, Formula One, Motocross and Air Races.
    • Multimedios offers a robust Video-On-Demand library of unique original programming that is relevant to the core Mexican demographic.
      • Library of 500 Hours of Children’s Programming
      • Library of 500 Hours of Professional Wrestling
      • 20 Hours of VOD per Month
      • Refreshed 25% per Month
    Multimedios TV Multimedios TV
  19. PROGRAMS STARS In Mexican Television, all roads lead to Monterrey and Multimedios. Well known Televisa and TV Azteca Television stars and personalities at some point in their careers wind up at Multimedios, the 3 rd most important Television producer in Mexico. Mutimedios programming features some of the best known TV Stars in Mexico, like Mario Bezares whose 30 year career in television, radio and theater began at Televisa… Multimedios TV Multimedios TV
  20. PROGRAMS RATINGS Multimedios, the third biggest producer of original programming in Mexico competes directly with the Televisa #1 and with Azteca #2. Multimedios regularly beats its competition. The following are some past but typical IBOPE ratings. Multimedios TV Multimedios TV
  21. PROGRAMS News IBOPE / AGB MTY Multimedios TV Multimedios TV Multimedios TV 34.12% Morning News Televisa 7.85% TvAzteca 33.88% Multimedios TV 41.21% Evening News Televisa 32.28% TvAzteca 26.51% Multimedios TV 59.63% Late Night News Televisa 40.36 %
  22. Multimedios TV 26.83% Televisa 31.11% TvAzteca 42.04% PROGRAMS Magazines IBOPE / AGB MTY Multimedios TV Multimedios TV
  23. Multimedios TV 68% Televisa 32% PROGRAMS Sports IBOPE / AGB MTY Multimedios TV Multimedios TV
  24. Multimedios TV 68% Televisa 32% Children’s PROGRAMS IBOPE / AGB MTY Multimedios TV Multimedios TV
  25. Why Multimedios?
    • Over 70% of Hispanics, the fastest growing demo, is of Mexican origin. Multimedios is an expert in reaching and capturing the Mexican demo.
    • Multimedios has a high brand awareness among Mexican audiences on both sides of the border.
    • Multimedios has for over 70 years built a solid advertising sales business targeting Mexican audiences with its wholly owned and produced multimedia content including television, radio, newspapers and magazines.
    • Multimedios knows and understands its core Mexican audience as well or better than most other media companies in the market.
    • Multimedios programming regularly beats its competition and is effective in targeting the Mexican demographic.
    • Multimedios offers its distributors a robust VOD library of original and unique programming.
    • Multimedios supports its networks with proactive on-the-ground promotional events targeting local Mexican residents including live transmission of its shows and celebrity meet-and-greets.
  26. Gustavo Mena 305.496-3733 [email_address] Contact IBOPE / AGB MTY Multimedios TV Multimedios TV