Murano Glass Lighting – Add Italian Flair to Your Home

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Murano Glass Lighting Add Italian Flair to Your Home
Whether it is art and craft, literature, music, fashion, cuisine, or sport, Italy has made its indelible
mark in numerous fields. It is among the largest economies and most visited countries in the world.
Italian flair, particularly for interior decoration, is the most sought after across the globe. The lighting
style originated in this country adds grace and elegance to countless homes and commercial
establishments worldwide. Here, various hand-blown Murano glass lighting fixtures need a special
mention. Made in the small island of Murano near Venice, they are unique pieces of art renowned
for their brilliant designs and craftsmanship.
Murano or Venetian glass is well-known for its precious form o f art. It usually features intricately
formed flowers in clear crystal as well as mottled, frosted or amber shade. This glass is used to
produce an array o f stunning objects, ranging from sculptures, mirrors and vases to jewelry and
tableware. However, it can also render top-quality illumination with never-ending splendor. Murano
glass lighting is offered in both traditional and modern styles to match the motif of your home. Be it
a Murano glass chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling lamp or table lamp, each item can effortlessly become
the center of attention in your room.
No matter where you live in this world, you can easily bring home an authentic piece of Venetian
lighting thanks to the Internet. There are popular online shops operating from this island and dealing
in a broad selection of Venetian lighting sconces, chandeliers, table lamps, candle holders, and so
forth. You can choose from many different styles like Rezzonico, classic, floral, and aquatic at these
websites. Depending on the size of your room, you can also opt for small, medium and big
chandeliers there.
When it comes to choosing a lighting fixture for your ceiling, a Venetian chandelier is the best
option. It comes in many ornate designs and shapes. From a large dining hall, ballroom and living
room to lobby and bedroom, you can mount an arresting chandelier in any setting to revamp its look
and feel completely. And to complement this fixture, there is a matching Murano glass wall lamp,
table lamp and ceiling lamp available too.
If you wish to make a chandelier the focal point of your interior, it is usually recommended to hang it
around 80 inches from the floor to the bottom of the fixture. Nowadays, almost all chandeliers can
be customized to meet the particular requirements of a buyer. So, you can have your own preferred
Murano glass lighting to adorn a room. Individuals looking for genuine Venetian glass chandeliers for
sale online can visit for great deals. You can also order here a Murano
glass table lamp, wall sconce, ceiling lamp, or Menorah Jewish at a discounted rate.