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Must have T-Shirts for winter
Winter is not just about keeping warm it is about making a style statement. It is in fact, the best
time to showcase your elegant and stylish side. It is the time of the year when you need to bring
out your turtlenecks, polo and other full sleeves T -shirts. There were times when T-shirts were
worn underneath. T oday you have a wide range of T -shirts in vibrant colors to enhance your
winter look.
A turtleneck is also called as roll over. This T-shirt is rolled at the neck making you feel warm. A
turtle neck with full sleeves make you look ‘hot’ in this chilly weather. Full sleeves turtle neck is a
wardrobe must have for the season. Choose bright colors and they can be worn alone or paired
with an overcoat to get that masculine look. When you wear a roll over you don’t need to sport a
stole, you can save the stole to go with some other accessories like a hat.
Polo Shirts
The moment mercury drops you should turn to a polo shirt. Polo shirts are usually longer at the
back and shorter in the front. Beware if it is longer than your back pockets then it is not for you.
They have a V shaped collar with two buttons. To keep you warm button up your T-shirt. If you
have well toned arms then go for short-hugging sleeves to flaunt your muscles. Polo shirts are
considered to be classic and they are equally good at keeping winter chills at bay besides
making you look ‘cool’.
V Neck
V neck T-shirt is considered to be much more modern than you think. Though it has a slightly
deep neck you can still wear it during winters. A V neck T shirt paired with a stole around your
neck along and an overcoat is all you need to stay warm and stylish.
You can strike a smart deal with online shopping. Browse through online stores to shop for the
best stocks available. Grab all the above mentioned T shirts to stay trendy and warm. This is the
best season to flaunt your style, so go ahead and shop online for your favorite T shirt now!